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  1. Brandon Jacobs2:15
  2. Mike Shanahan2:43
  3. New York Giants1:12
  4. Matt Miller1:05
  5. David Wilson0:28, 1:16
  6. Super Bowl championships1:58
  7. Aaron Ross1:34
  8. Bleacher Report1:06
  9. Trent Richardson0:52
  10. rich Taylor0:11
Fri, 4 May 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- 200812. NFL draft -- in the books were going around that NFC east handing out grades I'm Jennifer Williams alongside -- Redskins blogger rich Taylor and rich and we're talking Giants today how you think they did you know they came into the draft and the Super Bowl champions not a whole lot of needs and kind of things and. Well one other -- was a running back they got a kid that that I harder when I -- is Virginia Tech games David Wilson. Just just frightening runner when he when he gets the -- he's fast. He's he's he's very he's tough out there he's not a real big kid right it is tough out there. -- yeah they they needed they definitely need is speed. And -- Wilson -- -- they said he thought they thought he was second best running back in the drafts behind them. Trent Richardson and and I would agree ended the 32 pick of the first round -- that's not too bad at all just -- again I. And a good athlete a good player high character kids. It's a home run. We have Matt Miller of the Bleacher Report on the phone let's see what he had to say about the Giants staff that. Look at it there's the New York Giants and date. They did more of -- need based draft I felt like but you know David Wilson. -- Randall more in need bass players. I you know obviously the defending champion so they didn't have as many holes to fill that bill. Which allows them to do that you go away and get speedy players which they -- Wilson Randall and even JR how lit corner. In the third round how would replacing Aaron Ross then lost the free agency so the Giants had a good draft. Like complementary players who can step then. Thanks Matt -- you heard Matt the Giants had the need they need for speed and they got it. What grade would you give you know I hear that professor final Green for an -- I I got to give manei I think it showed you it's hard to argue with the results in their draft to draft two Super Bowl championships. And the last four years built almost exclusively from the windy and they helpful would then. Via the draft so and they have you know day to day loss of free agents this year. But they've got guys you know they have lost Brandon Jacobs so they've got Wilson ready to step in. They've got guys prejudiced attitude to step in anywhere and I think this time. I think the value of their their best players. Also happening coincide with their needs. That's where I disagree that a little bit he said well they went after me well. And they admitted I think they didn't do a little bit more of a juncture in that but I think also you hit it's it's hard to argue they didn't also go for the best players on the boards. Right got to go. Mike Shanahan said you make mistakes when you go out there and -- and not backs available are -- -- -- committed the ideal ideal thing is no -- -- coincide with those come together. Did her there in the north live. That's ironing board is a hundred new handler as -- made exactly or -- things -- swinging but thank you for watching it or handing out grades across the NFC -- keep it locked and CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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