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The Ranger killer: Jason Chimera



  1. Alex Ovechkin0:37
  2. NHL playoffs2:02
  3. Garland2:04
  4. Comcast2:04
  5. Steelers0:46
  6. NASCAR's1:12
  7. blue shirts0:19
  8. score goals1:45
  9. power play0:38, 0:41
Thu, 10 May 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. They're too old sayings in sports you can't teach speed and speed kills what Jason should merit is living proof from boat. Hadn't been blessed with tremendous speed on the ice as a result he's become a Rangers killers scoring by. But his seven career playoff goals against the blue shirts we're joking about. I've been in the intermission that. Is this must be used him as he keeps getting those backdoor tap ins and and but we love it he works hard Evey place Harden and he gets rewarded and going to the net. Jason -- Maris set the tone for game six to 73 seconds after the opening faceoff. Drawing a penalty that led to Alex Ovechkin has power play goal. It was a good way to start the game and then the power play a great Charlie no assists it's a good feeling when you got when he calls paneling in in this corner disagree Steelers season. You know he's he's been on our votes of guys and this gets and so when I send you any scares. Should -- goal was typical. Clutch it gave the caps their first two goal lead of the series. Ultimately creating a decisive game seven. He knows my score big games and all of our line was plus last and we felt we -- got a couple little -- and in NASCAR's. Who wanted to get some tonight we out of its two good momentum and those nice yellow that's for sure guys are chipping -- -- is a speed of one when he gets some of the game like Tedy seems to get a lot of shots on -- It's a lot of opportunities around the net and got a big game we're -- night so. -- -- -- -- career goals against the Rangers called combined for about a foot out. Do take in his dirty greasy goals and now this doesn't matter how far it'll be a male a lot of breakaway goal in my kids when I get all their -- -- -- it's nice to get those goals and be I mean. The sounds -- us we're -- go score goals of playoffs and it is it's it seemed to find me there was like new car has input and had to kind of went back torn. -- you very -- that it's -- amazing how stories always seem to get better with age now the caps had back to the garden Saturday night. Missionary said what's better and sports in game seven. In the NHL playoffs with the -- rob Garland Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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