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Did Jenks fall asleep at the Clemens trial?



CSN Washington dot com. Last make the judge in the Roger Clemens perjury trial had to excuse or juror for falling asleep during the trial he did admonished both legal teams to cut out the slow play. Move things along. But the judge had to excuse a second juror for sleeping on the job that leaves fourteen of the sixteen original jurors. So what can I can't figure out is it when it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Seriously stop it. Up up up okay quick head. North on the -- -- kept it fair awarded the record and rookie to -- me a good first impression. That we're at that appears to have won a long. With the fifth round pick coming here for real frustrating it was NBC has rolled the 810 means that a Frenchman who performed. But it does it get involved with. If he needs them to bring it up the Rams as spider I don't know but somebody please get some. Ability -- this young man. CSN Washington dot com.



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