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SportsTalk Live: Reading between the lines of Ovechkin's comments



She -- in Washington dot com. But I just have to get involved in alternate Friday when retardant. People wanna let you know you'll get a chance to see that you -- -- be there but I will bring it back to lose grip in and rip and I'm not good. But I -- -- swing. From the hood. Right well something else this can have some things related to any kind of left us -- thing what is that little strife going on. In -- in the locker room and think of us. I think could like -- The leaders in this group we'll have to be to get there and Aaron didn't get -- I mean. Don't don't do something like PO IRO -- much that's going better but -- there's enough to be jealous now because. I don't know -- -- -- Joseph is supposed to sometimes you just stuff to. He is grouped together. Something like -- -- Some some guys and if you didn't play well there's just so it's you. Of course it's you can you can see that I can season. Some benevolence -- -- let's it's it's on the way you know we're gonna win. But yeah jealousy. Jealous but isn't jealous or is he talking about selfishness and I was reading a lot of the different little blog is being to be making their comments and he had the language record. Okay yes still not as big would you know -- Singh and Joseph when he seemed to explain yourself system you know if I don't really know of the of the situation because -- Play -- a bunch of guys say they were Hamlin danger work you know on the same page. And now he comes I'll say and this is not if he's awful since they got to look at him a little funny because he wasn't playing as good as he's -- plant all time. Then write the dude you make a little luck you make no money and they have a right a look at you have them. I mean look -- so let's put it this horrible. And send emails have been speaking up for his bloody I was at a seven who could be -- his way out of town here a few people subsidy why you singled out too much. While guys like Matt Hendricks was your drive to the opposite of an Ovechkin was that a high draft pick didn't get the big contract. It's a grinder. -- that he gets a look talented can you understand what's going back in a video from the get go folks have done recover that was his team would hit those guided to have that building was a more. That's the cult of Alex Ovechkin who grew in this town like it or not yet it was. Alex the fun loving guy was in the club with the Russian models. And he's traveled he's got the big contract in the fall in love and -- and he's in music videos and eastern eastern those commercials. But that oh you're not getting any closer dot com -- and you still got on a million dollar contract that prison's gonna comedy has to understand -- might be our turn to do with that now. Yeah what people are looking at it as a -- me anymore this and you ever won a cup yet it's a different day. Forgot all about he came here and he that you see anyone not excite -- woke up Betty I had that arena in that area but it comes to -- people get tired just having fun. Left and they want to see you win win and I think you are the face of the franchise Alexander. Whether it was jealousy or selfishness. You have to understand you are the -- used the phrase you gonna get more criticism. People look at you funny that you can't worry about what they don't go on produce -- river duels and -- you want to worry about that one thing you notice. People that are doing what they're supposed to -- ever talk about some added. Since a negative about it done because they get it done it will be -- That that's gonna be a part of that would receive it can happen in this off season. I'm curious if you hear his name and I'm gonna fall out there -- more than curious if you hear his name pop up in a trade speculation. That's singer and actively look to trade him but you're going to hear that I wonder because if you aren't looking at getting this thing and rebuilding it. That would be the big piece that you would do it some key additions to ensure his situation Howe -- easier these player is playing time was reduced a little bit dale -- Who you hires will be critical to how they handle him. It's can be -- offseason for this team karma can be farmers -- readjusting CSN Washington dot com.



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