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SportsTalk Live: Talking UFC with Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone



CSN Washington dot com. -- it's a road trip today for me B mentor out here in Arlington. With Donald cowboy solo he's gonna be on the big. I'll fight card out there at Patriot center may fifteenth what was common man it -- close to a quick about the event and why do you Begin won't come check out the Cowboys. Have a man I generous here is -- -- Downey is a guy comes bring your resume it's obvious stand in the pocket and throw down and I plan Hussein's those can be. Barn burner back and forth three rounds. I don't. Hard to should be greeted them aboard my keys to your from the area will be there as well we love might hear it in -- -- now football. Man. Believe it or not what would you do you couldn't you like -- -- -- and -- -- after a while ago that the I don't know what's the difference of me would you rather do here -- guys that I -- league that you are. Find the ball. I'm not -- -- rod and so yeah that does is a -- -- -- long -- -- beyond a reasonable -- -- and down. We talk about this sport -- seen it grown grown grown Seymour more athletes come into him either back I was wrestling there's bankroll and yours maybe was boxing. Is this is the competition getting tougher and tougher and how are you and the -- even more as a fighter or tweak your game. Because your your. -- that competition yet because it uses start or would the strikers were fighting just the wrestlers -- just got to -- -- you -- now we get the kids like football baseball that are starting. It has baby's dad to bring in my brain the so we have a whole new hybrid generation coming up. Knocking our door we are saying -- stay on your game you need come back and our world Aaron who were passing on myself. Without either to your game and me -- just what is going faster than any other sport out there what is it about. It remains what is it about that this is just stopping someone out there don't want see. Got it the good baby -- big guys hit each it is what it is I don't know I don't know I -- I don't know the secret to why everyone -- just glue that I'll Manny now but what you live on a ranch and New Mexico and you see -- house players to train him you know. Will make one to a Leonard Garcia and I'm the best. Friend brother man and we it was a hard road for me you know he. Training here during because we get is China one Jimmy knows he's got to be kind of guy drives especially out here and we were driving around in your virginity now so. To come out the rest we have everything you need right there when we need to ask because what he do for dieting and you know your big guys were how to -- the wanted to drive while what do responses -- -- -- for -- what I do for this of these off -- let me -- answer and if you have what it takes. We made a call you know we all the guys you see Greg Jackson great coach you know he knows all the guys we -- him and he's he's kind of -- -- foot in the -- -- -- it's going to be a great event that would that would be checking of the Patriots in May fifteenth so come get checked out the Cowboys and the rest of his could be a great -- great card. Desolate -- end -- and so than usual stuff because he gets injured yesterday until -- the -- in Worcester -- you know take you about any time. I'll know. So I appreciate it and -- not translate odd not only know what you're talking about being mentally -- know. CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. Worcester2:45
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  5. Mexico1:54
  6. Patriot0:14
  7. Patriots2:34
  8. football baseball1:21
  9. Barn burner0:29
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