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Caps OT: What kind of coach do they need?



CSN Washington dot com. You know every time we talked about a coach we talk about -- at bats and who's the right coach for Alex how Alex respond to a a coach. How do you think you respond the -- hunter and is her coach that would work for him or or how important is it to consider Al so that's in when you're looking for a coach. I think you have to because you're not gonna win if he's not gonna score goals for -- and the it. I think dale he got a lot out of dale I think his leadership group moving forward is going to be so much better. You know that he bought into the team plan whether he liked it or not we don't know but. The way he played from the Blue Line and -- blocking shots coming back to help but at the net and you know getting down on the goal line help offensively at but those are things we hadn't seen. But the big thing is whoever coaches her in the future has to have developed a relationship with him. But they've they've -- you have to score goals he was brought here to score goals that's exactly what he needs to do I see the success of Ilya Kovalchuk in. New Jersey and Jon McLean didn't hand improperly jocks -- -- did and Peter divorce carried out on. He played penalty kills he plays for a 45 on five he's on the power plays the focal point of the team and the reason they're having success. Because he's become more well rounded player but it doesn't happen without the coach communicating. He showed me exactly what to do still value with -- but you can make you ever currently can improve. Mean look at down. I'm Terry brought this team within 1 win of the Eastern Conference finals. What kind of coach do you think this team needs doesn't need it -- -- that -- the -- go and says now -- -- -- you guys just go and run with it. Does it doesn't need a defensive coach or do you think they're somewhere in between that that George McPhee can find the right piece to this not. My -- has to be a Harvard coach I I don't think I look at John -- he -- 200 -- game plan and we saw a lot of offensive structure and him and as that but never -- talked him at a defense first team. Q on game seven and one because he was on the attack he was hunting for goals. They still stayed true to their defensive style sort. I like a lot of what dale that he taught these person to be better defenders and how -- the physical commitment it takes to be good defenseman and a good defensive forward. But you still have to have something going on the other -- has to be -- this work and all 200 feet to the ice smothering the other teams offensively. In the neutral zone with great back pressure. We see -- the coaches like this the national hockey I love what the LA kings are doing. That's style hockey the Washington Capitals complaint and they would embrace employers would still have offensive success. This team is very close to getting the conference finals for the first time without so that's in. How close is this team to winning a Stanley Cup thing your -- why it's so hard every year because you have to tweak the roster he you lose players with free agency guys get old inane and -- kinda. Not that -- me -- welcome you have to move on some case this up. You look you've got a wonderful start here. -- really close -- got excellent goaltenders and Holtz Ian nor Evert I think will be -- asked me that question later but I'm an answer now. Is I think -- be your number one guy you've got great young defenseman in. -- Carlson all their Mike Green and you've got a good savvy veteran Roman herald compare very well. And you'd Dmitry are off waiting in the means you get some young guys coming out of college. So you have promise there than you have some excellent offensive player so I still think -- couple weeks away -- front but there's they're right in the hunt you can see this year. In my opinion any place teams in the Stanley Cup so their right there. CSN Washington dot com.



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