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McNamee takes the stand in Clemen's trial



CSN Washington dot com. Week five of the Roger Clemens perjury trial we are now seeing the government's key witness strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee. Who testified he gave Clemens steroids in 19982002001. This has been a long and arduous trial already that the jurors have been -- this week for falling asleep. Now McNamee on stand things are sure to -- morning adjusting Jill Sorenson has more from the US district courthouse. The government's key witness Brian McNamee entered the court house about 8:30 Wednesday morning. Roger Clemens followed shortly after. The courtroom events began at 9 AM with government and defense counsel disagreeing about evidence from Tuesday's session. Judge Reggie Walton urged the two sides to not to quote throw dirt at each other. Then around 10 AM defense attorney Rusty Hardin. Began what appeared to be his three lines of questioning of witness Brian McNamee. The first regarding Matt enemy's desire to capitalize on his notoriety. The second. Questioning McNamee his previous statements and classifying them as either a bad memory a mistake. Or a lot. The final line of questioning dealt with McNamee -- value as a strength and conditioning coach. With hard and arguing that he brought more to the table than just being able to provide performance enhancing drugs. Which is why hard and argued Roger Clemens kept him on as a coach. Until 2007. The jury was dismissed at noon at due to one jurors prior commitment. And the parties will resume Thursday morning at 9 AM for what is short to be. A very long day. CSN Washington dot com.



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