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Thu, 17 May 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Yeah we kind of met through a mutual friend of back home I actually. -- actually the third of her chest. I went to high school and they were just kind of connected from there and he knew that once again did you -- in his place I've been here Regis you know. Counting the minutes -- and I got him. That was passed the first cost him all those critics are actually so is good it's a good time period we've missed -- good. Thank -- it just when they scored. I don't know due to Perry's Lleyton is but other and then I was determined this. And it came pitcher's rhythm and get back as we get him ministers at a different -- for sure you can tell a lot of guys. I didn't know that it was pretty physical and everything much talking before Rosa two's pretty intense and most of the guys going in and not amount of people out of the crowd as action. When sectional substance called away yeah. Well I couldn't -- We can handle -- we don't want to jump in zeros going on so partly that's the only that was frequency. Again here. It's true yeah and that and you know I don't let the hype didn't run the ball. And now yeah I can't. Yeah Estes -- fights I was and that's it none and Burks took particular group so. -- Curriculum now that's that's just no sorry I was it was cool it was you know his assessment of some of the games and catches some of the you know a lot of action going on so it's kept -- pretty sensible. She -- Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. We were closer Lester sort of players and and they said. And that's after Andre. One more notice that is that what you bring him into the mix of it's perfectly. We can get guys closer we get stable quality even we not. When we're guys who put together the water you know thought stuff but there's here. And then we don't have. You know we can we don't have the skills to do that for him because of him and and I'm sure it it field it's. for whatever. Reason they're bankers. Don't here's the big enemy I don't know that that's like your dad instantly I don't know what he's. If he feels intimidated because he's kind of you know that is about it because he's a Smart guys If you just pissed off now he wants personal vendetta against them this. You personally senator Bruno. a lot of advice of doctors talk and talk a lot. You went through the people on. am sure and people like Larry here in the door guys that are currently at Verizon tent out because there. After Christmas time you know it and it means a reasonable when that happened on him you don't have them when you need it won't let that particular one was present for whenever something that's. That's ridiculous for a there's room for do that you know gonna not to sit down and actually get some haven't known for those systems and he expects on this this matrix Don't from the parking people session involves people this is something that we'll. You know that the people everybody forgets our current players Southeastern Conference office have. But like that I talked of the guys who run and operated and operate he had the elevator and there's so many people there everybody's. But you're better than guys like him here because it imperial ourselves. The guys that are there are different different desert. Of that this is an you know I think that was the thing is it. You know 4241. Days and years that's a big big chunk of your the respect you when you're fourteen you're laughing so you know. You know bickering bills always talk and try to bring it goes back and is confident faculties I think it's that they think it's. Is that we're talking and he certainly didn't. But that's what Lawson you know life I think that's probably people warning it. You know I hope we'll be OK enough. I play hockey night here because I don't I don't deny that I think. We'll just lost it is that people will work itself that I would just change things done. As for that ultimately You know I don't know it just seems it's very confused right now and it was just that's obstruction. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Big every weekend wants risk is one of the Philadelphia risque as windy keep play a whole playoff hopes alive Philadelphia's look at the baseball. What out do you draw okay Coca. This is trap gain from watching this trip is always jet game when you are you winning for the first time a long while with youth. It is you gotta make sure to not you know watching Comcast sports net all day but putt reading your sports clips and they didn't want to guess what well but not look at it and how. I'm either going boom off you want to go we can get better. I did tiger they've been this way since the break they've got a great command of who they are they know they win together. that's why this is not a trap game. The fact that they've been in this mindset a one game at a time the fact that this team has won five games in a row to the fact that this team hadn't done a lot like you say it over a decade tour right now we have a new mindset I think Robert Griffin has this team we're a different mindset he's given all the guys a different level of confidence he's a spark plug. You know he has them excited he when he leaves up her cousin stepped in and he played very well last week he would dogs are Cleveland Browns will be a trap game it was. I think Philadelphia. They have to do is go out there put your foot on the neck and lift off the foot off the ground. She caught him off early to make sure it never and yet did about Robert in and a lot of veterans look at him and go hey as a rookie he was anointed. As captain. And all great managers recognize you don't necessarily have to beat here. In order for your influence to prevail and that's exactly what happened in Cleveland he doesn't play they just people rocket. And when you look at the fact that you have receivers that are blocking like their This is this months of this football team is not what it was in the past is something great or want you to get involved it tells what you think. Do you think is the trap game for Washington Redskins going up the Philadelphia is on Twitter go to FaceBook Brosius who wants to dot com. It clubs have met notre. She in Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Where as travel to Detroit to take on that lowly Pistons team that lost six straight. That they've signed up they'll have to play without big man and they without the flu and of course who's still out without back. Luckily Jordan Crawford is playing he leads the team in scoring averaging fifteen points. Per contest. Pistons jumped on top early formal boy asked Greg Monroe with the hoop and the harm Barry finished with fifteen points. And nine rebounds this explains summed up the quarter for Washington general fair and just. ball that the team shot just 37% from the field in the first with a quarter winding down Brandon drive distance that Charlie Bell and a for the trade. Detroit led by fifteen after one but take a look one bright spot for the Wizards came in the second quarter in transition gone. With the big slam but they trail them by nineteen at the break Crawford. Tried his best to keep it competitive an unorthodox shots in the lane he continued his strong play on the offense event finished with twenty points with the game every in the fourth Rodney Stuckey. Takes a hard foul from Kevin Seraphin he would leave the game and not return the results. From the collision I lost and Perhaps however Pistons Wednesday 100 to 68 Randy Wittman well. He was embarrassed. The families. I'll apologize apologize to ownership for fans back home that that have watched as they what Mother turned off after the first five minutes. That's my that's that the on me. And I've got to find even though we will have eight or nine guys right now I go far in five. I got to find five or they can play. I can play. Employees with confidence. And like you belong in the NBA. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Will there be a NBA team in Virginia Beach?

    Fri, 21 Dec 2012

    In the offseason talk about the kings moving from Sacramento to Virginia beats what's the latest on that you see that happening in the future. I honestly I don't because you're working against two big factors one the current owners them loose who want this today. That's close to Las Vegas as they can because that remains a business hub for them and to everything that I hear is that David Stern. Would like as one of his last acts before he rides off into the sunset. Is to put a team back in Seattle and Seattle quietly is working very hard. To build an arena that would be worthy of of its next NBA teams that with all those forces at work. It just seems like a long shot that Virginia Beach would have any opportunity. To be able to lure the kings to the other coast. Csnwashington.com.