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Redskins Nation: Tribute to Chuck Brown



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Thu, 17 May 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Now one of the pleasures I've had -- Redskins nation of the last several years. Is -- some of the great Redskins fans who are not in the football world a guy like Dale Junior comes to mind for me big thrill for me a fan of NASCAR and a get a chance to meet Dale Junior and hear about how much he loves the Redskins knocked a couple of years ago I had chance to meet. And we had a moma show the legendary chuck brown godfather of go go passed away. Yesterday at the age of 75 so as a tribute to the memory of chuck brown a great redskin fan. To show you his performance at FedEx Field. Couple years up a couple of years ago and for chuck brown was always about Boston lose so proud to have him in the building on medication so and -- memory. Here you go for. From two years ago at FedEx Field. OK okay. I had to do. Show your I. Good good. CSN Washington dot com.

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