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Chris Miller reports on day 3 of cross examination in the Clemens trial



CSN Washington dot com. So -- witness for the government Brian McNamee arrived at the US district courthouse Thursday morning at 803. Knowing full well he'd be taken to task -- Roger clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin. On dates who of his testimony. Once inside missed a hard again attacked McNamee is credibility. As a lead witnessed by poking holes and Roger clemens' former trainer statements he's made over the years. McNamee admitted to a mistake on that date when he first allegedly injected Clemens with steroids back in 1998. McNamee also admitted to lying about his involvement in steroids. During -- 2007. Article written by the LA times saying it was self preservation. Would later pressed to miss the horn asked McNamee quote did you lie about the number of shots you injected Roger Clemens with. McNamee answered yes saying he minimized. Following a brief warning break district judge Reggie -- returned to ask the government and the defense how long this case last. Saying that -- are growing tired. Once he got his answer judge said quote. Well that that's the case I guess will be here forever the government says they have fourteen more witnesses after McNamee is done with his testimony. He'll be back on the stand Friday morning at 915 hopefully wrapping up by noon. At the US district court Chris Miller Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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