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Johns Hopkins reacts to their 11-5 loss to Maryland



CSN Washington dot com. Well first union dues and kicker out of the University of Maryland put their play at Purdue game. No surprise of the game plan. You know -- helps but I put a stranglehold on the bull. And forced us to play a lot of defense. When you wanted to face offs on the need to be very good job there Tyler Thornton that are rooted virtually and criminal loose balls. You know and and you hang onto the ball that long becomes the challenge. Probably should've started pressing earlier and playing more aggressively earlier. Falls on my shoulders or do a good job and fourth quarter trying to do put. You know when you're playing a team like just hesitant to do won't be quite honest. I'm disappointed. So we got -- -- -- forward -- out -- And I thought they deserve to what. You know and when we when -- when I think we've played well and we deserve to win a certain. I think we've been outplayed and we didn't deserve to win an opponent that they rewrote them their credit for -- to do. Very good job and so disappointed for my seniors and for our seniors and have them and that way. But in the end you know what we got there and -- learn how to win this game. And we've had two real nice regular seasons. A -- first round game and we've not done a good job in this game and we need to spend the summer figured out how we're going to be better in this game. There's this team and last year's team good enough to get them while we didn't so we gotta find a better ways to do some things. But again hats off to book. To Marilyn and how much sincere -- in deep gratitude toward seniors. Questions for the student athletes. Frazier -- get a Mike to you. Patrick doctor Patrick Stevens -- The Washington Times how much just given the time of possession disparity was that just kind of all a matter of exhaustion as those things kind of went along in the second half. There's talk that the ball up. But he -- product of them pick up ground balls. When they're gonna -- most over time we're not gonna have a lot sections and we're gonna expect Iowa defense. In. It just comes on the ground balls they out worked us there and there was possessions so. We're kind of threw a disadvantage for that they had the ball up. So. This out worked -- and then they earn their possessions. Chris here in lacrosse magazine. Two things we can you describe. The feeling especially in the second half when you're just watching your team play at the other end of the field and you know you can't do anything about that. -- your spot and secondly can you just describe your disappointment going out this. You know obviously it's frustrating -- -- the ball and you can't you know we don't have opportunities to score put you know in the second half we had our opportunities. You know we were getting our shots were starting your walks and we didn't capitalize on walk on that's a credit to them their defense and their goalie made some good saves. Book but we got away. From mom what got us these wins this -- offensively and that's being unselfish -- mobile home and capitalizing on opportunities and had. So you know that goes and goes to between -- me now worked on ground balls like Tucker said you know when you have a ball. Can't score -- what we have -- looks in the second half that's occurred to Maryland getting the job. And -- You know obviously I'm disappointed. -- of these guys on this team. And it's hard but it sure. Questions for the student athletes are pushed back from all. Nothing else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their offense did especially Schneider and and -- crazy -- midfield seemingly getting out of up a lot of shots from the -- idols in the infield just what they're doing. Offensively yes yes. They describes how little bit. For couple goes and no one in the second quarter and Snyder got a they spread us out and I was I was one of time and and get there in time. So they're gonna good job of kind of can their spacing us who live in an. From Solana and -- the first corner. So they're able there's few times we didn't slide from behind. So I mean you just kind of communication issues for -- doesn't mean Maryland's obviously a great team and them we're we're not on our game they're gonna capitalize what you did today. So yeah I mean. -- played hats off to Maroney played great. Committees everybody insists it's good effort but I. They don't go along the same lines on that question just how did you kind of see. -- midfield creating those opportunities and wasn't wasn't a whole lot of guys could've done particularly toward the end of the game that stuff that's stuff. Or so and so there's not others -- -- we're not capable of doing our jobs we didn't do our job. You know when you look at the scoring the first -- across the board. And -- -- -- don't know when my chance circuits is right and game -- not a lot of parents right hand. That's what we that's why we're doing that and we didn't do your job executing fundamentals -- game -- You know drew Schneider. Earth workers said they spread us out moved -- You know. Read -- blocked real well circumstance dictate how we react. And that's not where you players not to where you live life. In all circumstances dictate how you react. You do things the right way -- where you know how to doom and he's doing to the past year -- And just because you're down a couple goals doesn't mean you change the way you play it doesn't mean you get overzealous in the middle of the second quarter. It doesn't mean you get a little bit more concerned about your man. In order period instances were pushing. 41 Cooper to the middle of the field we get it right where we want to. You know the only guy I mean they're gonna make goal -- and I think Schneider on elliptical and holes left or okay great. Previous to two up two goals don't beat us for five right Eagles. -- you know that's the game plan. And we pushed Cooper who was left hand we slide through which that's great fine and -- role decreased their throwback. And we got to guard behind a goal short in his mental. When. Our guys supposed to be imploding and ready to rotate. And we allowed circumstance. To dictate how we react. And this is -- -- of -- life and just cross our guys and understand when things don't go well where things are perfect. You don't change who you are what you orange stick. You do QB to remain disciplined million or work and do things are more. My only regret is that with -- -- sort of plan faster defensively early. You know what we were playing so much. Defense in the marketable to regret Gandy is an easy. You know you look at them you look at us -- and knock the ball to -- or you don't see that all our our gain sole. You know it's tough to do that when there convertible into shorts and I don't think we did a good so we did a great job depicting him article a great job. Did hurdles would earlier in the season and we did a great job we're reading to average over picking him up to. And to their credit they did a little more so to give them credit. Or -- ago and I'm disappointed for a team put to be quite honest with you we have to learn that in this game. In this pressure situation. That circumstance. And pressure don't dictate what you do you just keep. Haven't blustery Q and he alive or nothing you know press which discipline and hard work and I think Japan. -- Stan Charles press box. When you look at it Maryland had that tough games on the evening you that what's considered a little bit of an easier as Phoenix Stony Brook. Or anything to that. In terms of the path that gets you through this game. Now we -- -- -- weird weird artsy and they are and where there. You know and known to apologize for that we got we got they got Vega. And you know you can look at it as well they could have been more tired than -- and you know -- I don't listen. I don't believe that thing to do with the way we played today. Or the way. Now you can say that -- probably used. Motivation to say well we've -- in during the regular season and they're seeded higher than us. And that's -- coaches to take it -- I don't fault but it. You know what we had you know we had a couple losses -- half or six losses. So. We took a -- we were given we've played it to proceed there were given you played him. I don't believe that that in part to that is I thought would compare today's game was that the nuclear armed. When you look at it's simple. 26 grumbles to fifteen so a couple of more ground balls -- house. And then you look at declaring -- incredible year almost in 89% 90% almost all year and today. Because. Real circumstance to dictate to us -- fourteen of 21. Oakland seven times. I can we have so there's some times 33 games in a row. So that's seven nets eighteen to eighteen more possessions. For that. And then -- read through -- the face off and if you go 5050. You know than your farm but they get what we get torn soared to more to that so they -- in 1920 more possessions and we do. Harder -- lacrosse game like that. And again I give them all the credit I thought the coaching staff or team to their Q did a great job for the kids that are really good job of executing. And I don't think we did agree we don't learn how to do a great job and this can. And that's what we'll spend some figured out. Terry points out for us for coaching both players. From your perspective how this game on both similarly and differently from the first inning. And it's similar to. As the -- put a stranglehold on the bull hold. You know -- most of the game. I'm not a guy that's against that you know are you might get regardless it's appearances time for shock you do that you underwent. An average of so that was similar. I thought the first game. We Wheeler on ourselves to just become overwhelmed and we didn't fight back in the second half. But it was four back and fourth quarter which -- back. You know -- -- power armed guards who in turn in we can find that we got the ball back for four times in the fourth quarter. So but. The game plan is simple when -- -- hold the ball you know on ground balls and you're gonna win a lot of games like that so I don't think that was very different. CSN Washington dot com.



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