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Strasburg leads Nats to Beltways win



CSN Washington dot com. Not sure what was more surprising Stephen Strasburg struggling early again in a second straight start. Or Stephen Strasburg going yard for the first time in his big league career. Accorsi settled down retired the last ten batters -- in the wind but he lasted just five innings in after the game we learn from Davey Johnson. That it wasn't because of pitch count but fatigue. And while -- described it this tightness in his biceps Strasburg said it's not the biceps and it's in no way concern moving forward. But it seemed to get Tyrone we've been acquaintances overdose and that was it. His FitzGerald strung and you -- a great got a little tired so tight and you know but that's. No that's not done nothing different than any other outings I mean you know something that it's gonna. It's going to be like this hurt him try to rest the rest of the year you know it's just part time back from Tommy John. Now the other hot topic in the clubhouse of course Strasburg power at the plate his solo shot the fourth part of back to back jacks with his battery mate -- -- It was Ross's first Major League home run but it's something his team sees every day in batting practice. Shocking answers your. It's been like MV PS and harder. And you know just some are in on pretty firing their shots. -- as well be -- our conditioning pretty well so. Really help himself I think -- -- trailing you know helps -- I think that was -- -- sponsor. He's been -- on the ball he's arguably our best hitter right now. As good decision he came out rough couple innings wouldn't help much defensively. Couple plays there -- bounced back and once was solid. Salzburg you got married got in the groove and Fisher didn't improve. There's always going to be comfortable and they came back and put some runs crimson on support him a lot and -- into council and we never quit college -- in your bases loaded you know. So I just shows we we used to verified. We have people on the series. Now -- on the -- said Ryan Zimmerman is always joking that Strasburg should pitch in the all star game and hit -- home run derby. -- -- took a lot for the guys to get him to crack a smile in the dugout Strasburg told -- wasn't trying to show up the other pitcher and he knows his place he knows he's not. A real hitter. At Nationals Park Kelly Johnson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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