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CSN Washington dot com. The national provided just enough offense for -- Gonzales who with another nine strikeouts now has 35 over his last four starts all wins including two over the Phillies during that span. He also -- Stephen Strasburg for the National League lead in punch outs but that's beating their division rivals for the eighth time in their last nine games. He'll fished a good ballgame the only thing about me to a whole lot of pitches nor. He's pretty much unhittable it you know his pitch count was way up there -- our bullpen was trying to be that kind of short so. The outcome was good but getting into the outcome when many easy. Kendrick -- true over the -- -- patrol to. Home kind of sloppy conditions out there. To -- in our job was definitely trying to keep the ball down and and -- strike zone you know our bullpen they're great job by doing that and and helping us -- completely and you know defense looked unbelievable everyone look like they're gold glove Starr's office so. Involves trying to do is put in play and let them let them try to make some plays for me. Got a couple hits in nine and I think they reserve dollar this trio. Not so good at you know Phelps Coleman to their strengths and some minority and you know putting plea bargain saying you know I was about all the way through and no -- they came -- shut the door and you know -- and for a. Out in dozens home run in the second ties -- with Adam La Roche now for the team lead. And since moving to the five spot he's gone five for thirteen with two doubles a home run and four RBI. Ask her clothes -- Henry Rodriguez who continues to struggle. Davey Johnson said he's gonna sleep on it but he may have to consider other options and -- either Brad Lidge or -- restored returns. In Philadelphia Kelly Johnson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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