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  1. Anthony Davis1:57
  2. GM's1:38
  3. Michael Kidd0:42
  4. Thomas Robinson1:28
  5. Kentucky1:58
  6. jump shots0:56
  7. shooting guard1:11
  8. national championship1:31
  9. blue grass0:37
Mon, 28 May 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Feast or famine best describes our fifth selection. Andre Drummond has all the physical we'll become one of the best low post players in the league. However did wrong offenses that and his lackadaisical performance in the end -- -- Ernie -- great survivor. -- word. That we don't know potential -- -- many but obviously that's their job. Next we get to the blue grass today. With the first of two picks from the national. Michael Kidd Gilchrist of the -- beat the wildcats. A player who gives it his all every second -- the -- but on the next level effort we'll look it up and become an elite spark. Fill -- the -- jump shots and his ball handling and put his motor we'll make -- coach and fan favorite for years ago. -- the key member for a third pick this week as and the lack of DuBois in the league better Bradley deal. The sharp shooting guard from Florida raised his stock late last season with a smooth jumper and quick release however did die -- the big -- He's at least they pulled through its -- the ideal size Persian -- Taking silver local product Thomas Robinson. The united -- to the national championship. On the next level his lack of both the inside they did it however what GM's you won't have to worry about. They've gotten considerably better your score. He doesn't itself at one thing again and work ethic and drive the Phillies have contributed. But without a -- the top prize this year is Anthony Davis. But Kentucky big man had the uncanny ability to change the game from a defensive end of the floor. His length and timing altered any shot that came his way and his leadership was just as important to bring another championship. Back collective. Would never win the lottery Wednesday night have their eyes set. NBA front. CSN Washington dot com.

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