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Time for the Wiz to cut ties with Andray Blatche?



CSN Washington dot com. This sounds like some good news there the Wizards ready to spend some money we did the same bring in our Wizards analyst Ron Thompson today Ron. How can the Wizards spent wisely during this off seasons when you take a look at the Wizards need to -- I think a wing. Seconds war. That is a veteran when you when you look at the free agents are available there -- not an awful lot of free agents they give you that. That -- that the -- is that most teams who want but there's a few guys out there that could really help when you take a look at it Ray Allen. He's going to be a free agent this year Lou Williams he's a free agent this year the -- and he's. That veteran wings scored they -- Jordan Crawford this year but he's young he's still growing he is he still trying to develop in this league. But the one more than most interesting guys I think that can play the wink sat out this year and that's Jeff Green. Jeff visit -- up as a high motor. High character. Kind of guy that fits the mold that the Wizards are trying to gradually. Take your team the next doesn't scare -- that he sat out a whole year though no no no not at all because Jeff has. His rehabilitated he's the doctors have given him a clean bill of health I've seen him work out. Thousand times throughout the course of the year he's looking good he's hungry he'll be a perfect fit I think for the Wizards try to do in terms of building and taken this organization to the next level. Quick one word answer yes or no one on restricted guy out there Kwame Brown no okay. That's true bond there are reports out there that the Wizards could potentially cut ties with Rashard Lewis. And Andray Blatche Avery got -- -- JaVale McGee Nick Young it's sort of a cleaning house in good. -- -- -- Absolutely love this throughout the course of this year and -- blacks just didn't seem to -- buying in years past he's never gotten total game shape. Didn't totally buy in head incidents off the court is the question with him what wasn't this talent wasn't -- -- building. But just how committed is he to being the best basketball player that he could possibly be -- -- take a look at Rashard Lewis injury plagued last year injury plagued this season you know he made a ton of money this year giving up there in age. His agility a bit of a question could knock down a jump shot as consistently as he had in the past. Great move to get rid of those guys get a few more guys that are willing to buy and you can get some younger legs but still guys that have -- some time in this league. Second bolstered this young Russert was -- half. June 28 they rebuild again that's the NBA draft that's Ron Thompson thanks so much. CSN Washington dot com.



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  6. JaVale McGee1:29
  7. Jordan Crawford0:37
  8. Lou Williams0:32
  9. Nick Young1:29
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