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Is Roger Clemens a Hall of Fame pitcher?



CSN Washington dot com. A day after his former catcher Charlie O'Brien took to stand Roger clemens' former manager Phil Garner. Took to the stand today as the defense is trying to prove that Roger Clemens put up. His huge stats well into his forties not because of performance enhancing drugs but because of a strong work ethic and his smarts outside the courtroom. People in DC had varying opinions of the former Cy Young winner. I don't believe he's HCA and I next -- -- story too many times and -- now changed his story. So you know go to clear what to believe that -- innocent or whatever and these films -- old I think yeah she didn't mean he doesn't block well and I think it was one -- which I think it's a waste of taxpayer money. When he gets off its finest mean he can petition that is legal fees paid by the golf which is ridiculous. It's I don't know why they wasting at least. Barack. There. Roger Clemens perjury trial will get rock in general and once again on Tuesday June 5. The defense says it will need about two weeks -- all of their witnesses to stand. In Washington DC Kellie Cowan CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.



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