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John Feinstein talk about his new book 'Rush for the Gold' with Ivan Carter



CSN Washington dot com. There are different job by seeing folks -- attic in the man you play a lot man and the new. Mr. at the Olympics -- for the goal confides in me -- times bestselling author. You're right this for you know. People -- obviously we're Olympic year break it down and in itself near New -- swimming yeah I you know I've always want to write something swimming connected and this was a perfect way to do it because throughout this series this is the sixth book in the series. And the two heroes are teenage boy and a teenage girl who -- reporters but throughout the series Susan Carroll the girl has been a swimmer. Because nominal swimmer animator about a flier 'cause I was little butterfly. And she blossoms at fifteen you know she grows into her body she starts coming faster and she makes the Olympic team. So now there she and Stevie did boy hero or in a different situation and out working together as reporters -- she's an athlete on the Olympic team. And of course a mystery breaks out involves Susan Carroll. And agents and people like that we're trying to and manipulate her and make money offer and it goes right through to the gold medal swim in the in the 200 butterfly what fascinates me about this look at a lot of people read anymore particularly young people try to get them to read things like as a third in the sports. This could hook him. And also journalism we -- newspaper's archives of this kind of -- two things you love the most important that people reading. At what is the future of journalism as you talk about these two you'll be wanna be reporters. Yeah you know what's been going -- and on both those levels for me when I started writing these books is I get letters all the time I get more letters on these books than anything I've ever done. And I get letters from parents all the time mostly parents of boys. Who say my son doesn't wanna read. But he loves sports I gave new book he loved the book now we can't wait for the next one. And I also get letters from court from the parents of girls saying I'm so glad you've made good girl into the -- yes he's a group you -- back over the old stereotypes. And then I've gotten a lot of letters from kids saying. After reading this I wanna grow up to be a journalist and there is still room for good journalists and he knows that it's coming in different forms now. But when I get that and it's not people saying you know I wanna be ME SP and it's people saying I wanna -- I -- report the way Stevie and Susan Carroll do and that makes me feel that I love. Doing this series or is rushed for the gold mystery at the Olympics now. I know I can get into one of these things that you will wanna corners and Eric do you want like oh no not you don't want to run is there. -- seated next -- may be set at the World Cup soccer and it -- and I promise you'll make an appearance -- pokes gentle and I didn't Saddam out of here he does get these young people reading -- in all honesty this is good way to do it has its support is a nice -- it's a great read a great story. I'd probably almost as books I appreciate -- -- on the break I grew up -- you stop it stop saying that I was twelve when I wrote that counterparts in. CSN Washington dot com.



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