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Union-United Open Cup highlights



  1. DC united0:04
  2. US open0:06
  3. Dillon read0:32
  4. Philly0:10, 0:13
  5. Ireland0:08
  6. Philadelphia0:05
  7. Washington0:00, 1:20
Wed, 6 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. DC united hosting the Philadelphia unions in the US open cup Ireland soccer clinics. -- do now playing for Philly no score 46 minute Ryan Carroll the shot from Philly. Bounces up here and it's really unloaded our. One nothing union seconds later and beat up car into the box -- -- Gailey on staff Josh Wannstedt. Game time it. Extra time 96 minute I do for the rookie into one hop and not and the rules put it past Dillon read. Billy eliminates the black and red. You know. It's a good maybe it's good reminder to it to the players say it's a good reminded myself that that we need to get back to to work and heart and and doing some of the things that that got us us some success and who who is typical open cup -- the referees -- lousy they always -- for both teams. Then it at every. We. Open cup came it just turns into an absolute circus and and I don't know if that needs to do just about maybe that's the fun of the open cup that it's an absolute zoo every game. It gets old bill CSN Washington dot com.

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