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Ben Olsen 'gutted' by Open Cup loss


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Wed, 6 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Too many guys were on their their own page today we were. Q all over the field we thought it was going to be enough to step out here -- NBA team because they're a little down on the line and it you know. Maybe it's a good -- Because. This really does show that that we're not as good as we think we. All the little things that got -- success at this point forgot about. And there were there were signs that we will forgetting about that over the last couple games we've been squeaking by. And I wouldn't squeak by and it's it's a good thing you know I'm disappointed I love you -- -- I wanted to go far. In this tournament. Saw -- in that respect. But you know what. It's a good maybe it's good reminder to it to the players and it's a good reminded myself. That we need to get back to to work and heart and and doing some of the things that that got us a some success and you know. Do you lose typical open cup games represent Lyles they always are for both teams. That and it and we. Open cup came it just turns into an absolute circus and and I don't know if that needs to be adjustable maybe that's the fun of me that it's an absolute seen every game. But. It gets old you know believe me I'm not believing the -- tonight. But. It doesn't help. It doesn't help but at the end of the day it's that this game is an absolute perfect reminder. What we. You know when you look we can't do that the the attitude we cannot come. -- to a to a game. Talk about. We're going to punish their great players but I got enough players out there to be be Philadelphia. They would down. That they would miss him pieces and we were. Wanted -- they fought -- -- there they were revved up you know. It's it's as people poor overall execution from the team and myself. Things things seem to settle down. The second half of them towards the end of regulation. Defensively you just love so much basis from which attack to the bone. Next time on the -- and. Yeah you're absolutely right up there for a while we're in the first half we should've gave up. A couple could have a great chance of. And much more. Much more dangerous opportunities. I can just or casual -- we don't have to get into that spot you know we we don't have that help that guy down. Little things we forgot to. And and that's fine and I don't be -- I know it's the open cup but I like the I wanted to win the open -- so humble little bit this business overall. Do it's it's a good wake up call. That we're not as good as we think we and you got to fight and work and do all those little things that they did tonight. That we found out. With the again we have a couple guys now and again I'll include myself. That made you think well we don't read the stuff you guys put out there. We'll think we'll -- -- again I got to get working harder and and the guys are certainly work. That should be surprised the amount to support just the circus. These games are not that -- to the refs don't know how to handle the game's ever they don't know how to punish guys when they they. Commit a lot of fouls or should be thrown in the game and it's just escalates. Can't handle. It's that's what it is that's what it's always -- and again maybe that's part of part of the fun of this. The overcome. That said. But again. I don't -- in any way. You. To make me look like I'm scapegoating the referees and it. Pleased about that this is on me and this is on the players. CSN Washington dot com.

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