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Josh Wolff: Open Cup loss to Union 'eye-opening'



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  4. Start pitching0:09
  5. eye opening1:22
Wed, 6 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Start pitching well but didn't put together a lot of it's not the first half and mark. Rightly so late movement down and zero on display that really get right back into the right after that. Commit even how to do it. Better than. Should have. The fact that Hillary the second half you know we. But finds that didn't find a rhythm very well and I. So we got some ideas certainly. -- -- out there but that's what -- of the Cubs cards it's a do or die situation and both teams put it on the line. In that they were able to make one more playing in this get some. He's a good competition and I think we've we've in the league play we've we've got some results last few games at home -- I still think the latest as well let some other games that we of the played OK you can results it's kind of hit that there's still things that you -- gone on I think. Might not deserve the win tonight -- you hope Stanton. You know sneaky -- as they did late in the game. You know it's it's certainly eye opening -- it allows us to realize that we aren't as good as those words. And there's lots -- I'm -- at the halfway in the season. This one's got it up but on it and continue to work on. True take a look at the and get after -- -- it. It's to measure. Fortunate scheduling yes it is that's again we put it right away yet Saddam. Our division despite its going to be -- it -- the same way you played here. -- conference three times. And it turned around him personally view. It's an accident -- she's certainly some extra lightning game and rightly so it's it's. We've had some good matches last year's guys tonight. CSN Washington dot com.

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