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United gets 'reality check' in Open Cup loss



  1. Israel's0:09
  2. Washington0:00, 1:56
  3. Coaching staff1:06
  4. shook hands0:43
Wed, 6 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. This it's. A course of Israel's. We're going to be yet. We. Got pretty ugly there towards the end. I mean I don't know it's definitely another hard fought match. Weird. Expected to get that should be that. I mean we knew if you don't find it. Sometimes it's like that. And I enjoy. It's fun again we shook hands after. Is that sit on him. It seems like that's that's happened. It's time. Is this maybe change or add anything to the matchup. Ten days against these guys the way this morning and it's. Coaching staff -- it and so. Yeah he's -- getting back on track. That's where. -- and it's nice game when you you know lose a game like this Mexican stops and it doesn't help you guys knowing that -- -- preparing for them again does that maybe give me good cars. I think it helps us and I thought that he. And I had a lot upside someone is injured. Who wants us home home games -- age and experience. -- They give me focuses. On. Yeah definitely yeah we -- hundred. Play tied for each day. Not many years old so. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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