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Gov. Bob McDonnell excited to host Skins camp in Richmond



CSN Washington dot com. What does that allow you to do would that kind of commitment. Spoke with training camp comes revenues that's hotel rooms it's meals that's. Tourism -- estimated that 40000 people come to watch the training camp right now even him. And allowed being the visiting that this is a new market you might have more than that people from Hampton roads and North Carolina and southern version or come to watch people now because it's closer. Here in Richmond it'll mean you know investments. That'll be made by -- perhaps a new practice facility is so. And this certainly out of very good economic impact ultimately everything was that said. To the Redskins we need to be Virginia I think people of their home here already for a going back -- forty years though they felt pretty well embraced I think go by the people and in Loudon a accounting it was a great area to get tourists from West Virginia Pennsylvania -- people that would come to see them practice and be. Affiliated. With them. I note the mayor and his staff -- really figure out where this is gonna take place as far as training camp -- would you like to see an existing site. Or maybe understructure. You know throw it completely up to. The needs of the Redskins have for the facilities and what the mayor and his team are able and willing and obligated to do under the I'll be agreements we have some obligations. To pay some money they have some obligations to build with the -- is allowed for the for the -- course and the Sabres from Scott the obligations to do. To do the training camps on the goalie that's up to the mayor and his team to find the right location that meets the needs the Redskins. And you mentioned you are free throws to rich and -- -- which I believe she took the job originally to get free tickets don't you think it's about drastic. Measured against Patrick Pass up. Well I think what I saw that -- to stick to the jumper that was kind of pushing her to get those free ticket to see just love dance and she wasn't into -- running out of -- love dance. I have to say when I first started dating or 38 years ago that was the another very positive. Think that I thought she had to offer you Mitchell sitting next to -- at the Redskins thought it was a great idea I. So. Anyway yes she's very happy about the news as well talk through this morning and she is sort of -- his -- excitement. As though is the point keep momma happy everyone's happy here is the history campsite -- 1963 to ninety four's skins held training camp. At Dickinson College in Carlisle BA. But for five years in the late nineties they moved to prosper. After one year back at Redskins park Marty Schottenheimer wanted a true hip again so they were back the Dickinson. -- Steve Spurrier moved back for -- part where they've been ever since. CSN Washington dot com.



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