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Davey on Edwin Jackson: "He's been exceptional."


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Thu, 7 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. He's been outstanding. You know he he exam really haven't had a lot of run support probably yeah. And Jackson is just an exceptional at times and you know I mean. He had -- who have their reputation from Indy. Threw a lot of pitches usually go wild beauty of starters I think he's been as sharp as -- him. Nothing is. Walk total is way down. Stuff is exceptional. You know he's come back you know really needed like today I mean. Seven strong innings. -- -- -- -- Are it was a great great all around performance tomorrow offense and defense. Those guys did a great job out there tonight continue to battle continue to I don't put together get a decent. Score some runs for us I'll order talent there and I -- definitely I mean those guys put those dreaded is. I mean that along with the differences it definitely helped me out tonight. You know go out and again we scored three early in the American -- and we're four walks in. Kovalev against Housley and those guys continue to pick me up is great for them -- him. Just an example where this team's capable of doing. CSN Washington dot com.

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