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SportsTalk Live: Ben Olsen hands out tough love



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Wed, 6 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com US open cup actually last night uninspired performance by the local lads -- they go down fairly inept or battles and you that you appreciate this he -- who felt pretty good and the question for you realize this is. I gotta think when a guy like Ben -- tears you apart is that what you could say check -- out. This really does show that there were not as good as we think we end. All the little things he got a success often to this point we forgot about tonight. And who they were there were signs that we will forgetting about that. Over the last couple games we've been squeaking by maybe it's good reminder to it to the players -- it's a -- reminded myself. That that we need to get back to to work and heart and and doing some of the things that that got us. -- some success. We talk about you know former players can do it -- this I gotta think if you're a member DC united. Would you say the panels with little water colors as well the best players ever threw. I gotta think that that message is harder when it is a former player or a message to his garbage you know you can you are right that he's been telling those guys down over there and it takes him a blog and didn't Bears. Andy because that gets reiterate what he was saying I think it would take heed to a because sometimes. No matter who you lost what you did before when you become a coach. Players only for you know. They don't you as a former player this year as coach and some stars think coach just yet and he's pretty entertaining proposed game me out of the referees as well so like tomorrow. And all he'll give -- take up it gives it did you CSN Washington dot com.

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