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Davey Jones talks after loss to the Yankees


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Sat, 16 Jun 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. As usual. Then we had our opportunities we just couldn't -- couldn't do it. Runs pressing and his -- I thought he'd be probably it was really have to position in there against. Credit you know me I've never seen actually evolves -- -- and he's chasing balls. And get that mode. They're trying to make some ground. That's just sort of youth. Some of the guys to get runners in scoring position virtually oppose. They were close to start so that's that's growing her inexperience you know hurt guys in the gym at a hotel ground we have tomorrow. Who get better at it. Yeah I mean. Can together get to hit off but -- ripped through. Good Harrison ups are really good chances. He's had a lot of success against. It's and it. Just threw a breaking ball over not a whole lot. Pretty much involved. -- But I mean that's you know. This this is tradition is very true it was tough games -- He was chasing balls and over anxious. That's good -- serve as inexperienced. But again that's. They're guys try to do too much. And her. Well it against good ball club I mean -- -- that warning remained you know. But as he serves -- don't play through eighteen of pleasures. For him and he throws it wide. And then does you good scramble you you know you. -- give -- and so we did CSN Washington dot com.

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