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CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. I don't ever want Michael to get here with the Geico sports net central update on Monday Roger Clemens was acquitted of all charges in his perjury trial. He clearly put up hall of fame numbers during his 24 year career how the verdict in this trial in the court of public opinion. Affect is called Cooperstown and that's insider mark Zuckerman has a vote. In unison inside in helping my plan. Based on purely. His numbers there's no question that Roger Clemens is a hall of Famer but as we've seen with anybody -- attached to steroids and anyway it's not so easy getting in the Coopers town. Pretty much the way all voters have looked at this as. Anybody who has any concrete evidence or admission of guilt of having taken steroids or HGH does not getting -- not even close to getting in. When it comes to these borderline cases where there suspicion but no actual evidence. Even in these cases. Guys so far have not gotten in and that's going to be the category that Clemens falls and right now personally I haven't decided yet whether to vote for Clemens but I do have to admit. It's going to be tough to vote for this guy even in spite of -- acquittal. What is tough to argue with the Rockets were resonate 24 seasons wanna record seven Cy Young awards and won in VP award. He's also a two time World Series champion who ranks ninth all time in wins third all time of strikeouts even had 220 strikeout performances. Ten years -- That won't look -- in the Comcast sports net studios are Michael Jacobs CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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