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CSN Washington dot com. Using steroids and HGH. Is cheating. And it was totally contrary to his entire career. And if anything's were shown -- -- trial this rant from sixteen to 45. Pushed the same same person. I want to thank the jury which you all before we meet with them and tell you. It is a beautiful day. He had maybe a beautiful day and now I guess if he has a solid to get -- -- -- Harold W Israel has just like it's right there with. Didn't during the Eagles found innocent -- he was he was not guilty robbed by the trial. But everyone was our immediate assessment already. Before he ever got at the trop they figured out you look at the guy didn't -- better as he gets older they'd -- Sutton is going. I must say this of course look at what we should be in the hall fame. I would say probably yeah looking deconstruct what do you think he did or not to get that other people all -- we're. Where you'll be women or races so this aware of that so to me baseball that'll era. Has a black mark next to it I'm not gonna just hold this against Roger Clemens. It is appear that he perjured themselves I -- think he took performance enhancing drugs and he lied about it but he got away with it -- -- -- to waste our time with this. Five years and I just look at me look at congress who -- -- this whole case for Roger Clemens and also not -- Barry Bonds. That's a lot of money stripped and forget what chores I'll -- as they had on all of will be almost of these guys so the question is. Do you look at Roger Clemens in a different way down. And I'll I'll still say now because I don't look at it differently in the exact same wet looked at it before his trial stolen. I don't care if a guy Brian McNamee which at the just make looked like it was the worst -- in the world give this guy is injected -- agent deal wife. I they have -- believe he was doing it to you all yeah. Oh man I've been -- just all of a sudden got -- of in his mouth and go that -- to let it -- Asia -- his wife. Went every once stated that Roger Clemens told him about it. What you get this situation they finally get the court and now that he presents -- -- think is why did -- he's sick when no we just didn't I didn't and nobody Kumble. Given that I'll say it doesn't I don't look at him differently because I never put him on a pedestal has some great man is a great baseball player but. He's got a lot of some good out of shape the Boston. And then -- to Toronto got the best shape of his life and that went to the Yankees for the Red Sox -- rivals so if you're if -- Red -- -- what you can go play for them. Here's a guy that would kick backs and all -- I don't wanna travel with the team only wanted to get flown -- be allowed to be there when I need to pitch like Brendon Moss got -- percent plays where he wants to play this -- actually did it. So to me I never put a Muslim -- begin well. It when he -- his wife. Under the bus and a testimony. That was one of those are but I'm not only met him for one play -- for from the Red Sox and yankees you go to where you want it and that's when you go so he had to go let yourself go well. I'm sure when he was -- it was not what it had been I'll give credit he worked himself as an older player and I made it forms injures reported that. What he let himself go I. I have sings I've never I never put Roger Clemens is suppose we'll some great human being and a great baseball player. CSN Washington dot com.



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