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Redskins Nation: Rich Tandler talks RG3's progression in camp



CSN Washington dot com. We're back where it -- nation presented by crop McCaskey is back after a brief hiatus from the show rich Taylor. From CSN. Washington dot com Ed how are you spending your summer. Today I am sweating it doesn't have actual spending I'm moving up to Ashburn to not make in the commute from Richmond anymore I'm I'm here ten minutes away so. Well I cannot be happy to fill in at any time on the Redskins nation. Well I'll tell -- -- making that commute from Richmond was very taxing. And I would bet the savings our guests will be astronomical yet this year yes very much. Are we just heard RG three earlier talk about that glove on his left handed yes it is because of the fact that he was a Michael Jackson -- But how important do you think it is for him to get out there was some of his receivers receive veteran quarterbacks do it all the time he's hierarchy. Yes all his teammates like a whole lot but how easy or hard will it be for him to get some guys together throw around. I think I think I don't think it'll be very hard he all the players that can stand over and over he's kind of picked up that natural leader thing is he's a natural leader. Leads by example doesn't bark so you know London doesn't bark at him just you know tries to go through when do -- do what you can do. Not really a big star you know Heisman Trophy winner Sports Illustrated cover all that. So he's he's down to earth itself. I think they'll get something together here in the next in the next couple weeks and can throw the ball around for a few days maybe around here maybe down in Texas where. His his honest. Only yesterday she got got a bunch of -- receivers there all pocket and make the roster obviously there's going to be some very tough competition. Why would a guy not want to build the chemistry with the new quarterback I would think they all should be there yeah. Yeah I mean you almost have to especially you know guys like. Just that you don't names some of the bubble guys and -- Robinson Anthony Armstrong. Terrence Austin yeah they should be first in line to be there. -- -- you know go to the top of the depth chart pierce on he's got a starter that big contract he'll he'll be very much under the gun. Joshua Morgan -- Hanks -- both recovering from injuries really need to get out there and get skating get my stamina and mini camp and OTA days. So there especially me the time when them. What have you seen from Robert that you don't like everybody loves everything about this guy and we do to -- we're trying to civil where is the weakness did you know other teams are there. Look at it that the Giants Cowboys Philadelphia they've already started playing him on how to defend Robert Griffin the third we know that. What's your analysis on the. Well you know I I think his his deep ball. Which is much -- deep ball accuracy his accuracy I think that's gonna take some time I think I if -- if I'm to find that the Saints playing in the first game. Primarily she's -- and I challenged him to be mean to you I'm gonna keep it short try to stay up tight to keep from running on eighty keep from running on me. -- he's got a nice touch good accuracy to get a good accuracy on the short passes. But it's alternate between -- I'm I've seen that much elements varsity ball goes. You've seen at practice you've seen some of how the Redskins coaches have adjusted the offense -- suitable option out there it's. Too risky business focus is going to run the option they kids that you get hit -- pretty strong. Yeah it's pretty good but you -- what getting hit in the pockets dangerous aren't on real Redskins dot com about that last week. You know that they didn't have the pockets dangerous running is dangerous it's a dangerous game so if you get out there you know you're not gonna run it 2030 times a game. But is a change of pace to use his legs to use his speed. It'll be fun to -- Offensive -- another position that intrigues me about talking to coach about it there is. So movement there you've got some guys who have switched positions try to build some versatility. Is the toughest position to cut this year what do you think. Yeah how much it meant to you what the five guys huge like -- will be starting against the Saints are the same five guys who started the opener of this this past years so. But I think they've built some depth. I think they've gotten some things you know got things going but yet you're gonna have like out. No Maurice hurt. -- started eight games last year you know it is here guard is his tackle. Whereas in a place settled down got Jocelyn Revis Adam goes both coming in there both are gonna learn the guard center positions. So yeah that'll be that'll be a tough go. Defensive side of the ball all that safety position you've got a whole bunch of newcomers. But you got Reed -- just keeps on coming back year after year and it is our goal just the second your players so they knew what we'll just roll the dice at the safety position. Yeah you can pretty well I think it'll be situation I think that game to game I think you'll see. For maybe even five safety especially obviously a lot of these two tight end -- like that the Patriots are trying to popularized. She -- to -- ends you're gonna see three. Three safeties in the game a lot for May be enough probably probably a four man rotation do yourself if you're not if you're on the -- on game day. You're gonna see some snaps interest safety. Few recorders because of maybe an extra safety I guess that's the numbers game. Yeah exactly and and tough competition there to you've got down -- Brandon Thompson who looked pretty good training camp last year. Chase man field Richard Crawford pushed him hard from behind so. Lotta Lotta competition there so which is what you know that's what Shanahan has. Has preached and preached and is adding his two previous years here I think it's been no sophomore talked about and really okay. You know this team is gonna have to get rid of some quality football players which is what's the -- going to be the case this year they're gonna have to cut some quality players. -- what are your upcoming appearances on what controlled Donald kicking competition is I think that's going to be a tough one but your comments now all of you Europe that it Richmond. -- going to Richmond next year how do you think Campbell received by the folks in the State Capitol. Oh yeah I think it will be received great it's not out. Yeah I -- it's there's a lot of different. Fans of different teams down there but he has a lot of NFL fans I think. You'll get a lot obvious a large number Redskins fans I think you'll get fans of other teams coming -- also just it just check out the Saints either should've been the big guys and now. Now hopefully they they just were they just they supported me task force to find out where to put it right that's got to be there. You know that's that's the main that's the main thing there's some facilities that you know are close but nothing is quite -- yourself. Still work to be don't exactly. Rich -- back hey great demeanor check out -- CSN Washington dot com and off next. The bad -- on Redskins. CSN Washington dot com.



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