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The Fight Fix: Is Jones the greatest of all time?



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Wed, 20 Jun 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. If Jon Jones one of the greatest fighters in USC history as of right now. One future hall of Famer thinks south. I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Luke Thomas of and made fighting dot com and Luke one controversy at a time but let's go about it Shogun. Turning down to share at the Teixeira fight. Lots of buzz about this with good reason. Did show me the right -- Yes who made the right choice Glover to share or not well known to the casual fan very well known to the hard -- -- would have been the -- steal lots there but had some visa problems. Good -- is a killer but the problem is nobody knows that except fighters showed them at thirty you still got some time left in this career how -- He's at a point now where you can't just take any fight he needs to take kind of fights. They get a closer to a title that making some money and improve his stock. Beating -- over Teixeira does none of those things and the guys hard to be he made the right call it a figure tweed suit you fared over -- if you're thirty initial grew up you get -- a little bit. I putted I did a white handled the situation a little. The -- a few eyebrows there. With the did what's gonna ESP he has to make the fights that people wanna pay money to see you estimate the fights he thinks are best first company -- -- to be a good fight two guys were available mind you. A lot of guys were injured these days and -- Teixeira. He's ready to rock and roll shall go looking for a fight you thought it made sense. And he tried -- you know twist their arms will -- didn't ultimately work as we got pushed back Dana what's gonna do what he has to do what are in terms of what's in the best interest of this company. It in the best interests of the fans you had an interesting. Question posed on MMA fighting dot com. And it let it. You said is a USC product being -- with too many fighters of questionable quality and too many cars can you talk a little bit more about that. Yeah I mean listen to to clear about the terms here there's more UFC talent today than there ever has been if you wanna have a lot of UFC cards. Including international waters you can do that. And it's not if you knew the way I should say with having undercard that aren't the most exciting price ever -- in. But the problem physical we know sort of what you see and effects for whether co main event is the third fight between Sam -- and Spencer Fisher. Did that trilogy really -- resolution put them in with what -- -- asking for that. You can you can make cards are stacked you can have more than they have in terms of 2007 baby in 2008. But you can't serve the Ultimate Fighter UFC on fuel used to -- affects youth CO fox in paper view and expect all those courts especially those injuries are all going to be top to bottom bangers I understand it who should expect that -- -- Are going to be top to bottom beggars but it's to me it's a little too much you can't put the UFC brand on any old person they got to earn it. -- let's talk about guys who have aren't it IT OR TS who will be in the hall of fame this summer he recently set of -- Jones. That he'll go down as one of the greatest he's -- one of the greatest what is your reaction to that kind of praise. It's high praise him to Ortiz is at the end of his career literally his last fights coming -- you -- 148. And he is in my mind is also interest pushing for the Darryl when the greatest light heavyweights ever. I'm not ready crowned Jon Jones that way yet I mean listen if I had to bet on in my mortgage one where the other two I think he's gonna wanna be one of the greatest yes. Still a lot of guys to be I think he's comfortable weight class after he's going cleaning out light heavyweight and you know that's no easy task in of itself in your face Dan Henderson here in September so we'll see how they -- -- -- exactly what we'll see how it goes here's the truth is he on track. To make a ton of noise in this sport yes he definitely is. -- and Ortiz pointed say UFC 145 you were there knew who he said that. Jones had picked apart evidence do you think that was the fight that may be solidified that he was on track. To be one of the greatest all time. Yeah I thought actually the Machida fight was a -- openers hopefully he just dismantled him Rashad Evans a different kind of challenge. You -- -- the fight was great I was there when Rocco shocked to steal one reaction most of all those things where looks better personally does on TV but either way. The Rashad Evans -- was so amazing about it was that you know Jones was admitted later he has some hesitancy is that he was nervous that he was scared of some of the challenges. And this fight only made him better he turn out to be I think it improved his. I know his skill set during the into the building up to the fight -- and do with the challenge but it pulled him he can do even more than he thought he could that scary. We'll look -- you so much for stopping by and don't forget you can check out Luke. -- and then if fighting dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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