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She -- in Washington dot com. There's also a lot of lot of things going on around the ways that in a row to -- available they jumped out they made the right. Some people don't agree way than most people it was a good trade and lost a lot would that finish every. Now that trade makes the -- I'll play opportunity next year. -- the wiz did the medical referred shrubbery is a given a Rashard Lewis in the 46 pick Christian amnesty entered -- -- the part I life. The look is it is about as well -- does not make you sex is not gonna make a playoff contender it makes you a better team a wall saying that's also a banners in the playoff thing which are better you're more serious team and that's what this is Bobby missed that we're knuckle heads. Nick Young JaVale McGee had -- Blatche. Not take it seriously and you're not really cares what Bob bass -- they -- all in all the other stuff but I like indicative I mean ending up we'll see about developing develops. But -- citizen in a year Emeka Okafor coming up an injury put. Trevor reason I was on a winning program companies -- the Lakers. He can come on defensive minded he added trapped I believe it's gonna be deal or bonds novel I guess it could still be -- obviously -- a better team. The problem now. You don't have a lot of space free agent signings -- next couple three years is kind of your team see what moved him. -- you look at his old Jimmy did you feel they -- kept you know my man in in just use that salary cap space. But no I think both of these guys are going to be up into a nod to -- what -- the same here any ground films yeah. Not think it was government but that would make you bring guys in -- -- -- to show -- what he can get done in these next two years if you don't. I just stuck in this you know they want to know exactly what he initial John Wall. I don't think. Did they are playoff contender just now because many have to play a lot strong. You look at -- -- before he had to prove he can get. It injured all the time. And John Wall needs to improve his jump shot. Learn how to lead a lot more but this team gets better -- you look at them -- -- -- a Redskins are a lot more talent on the team right now. John Wall -- just a few weeks ago that we need to go out and get some veteran. Leadership -- some veterans that can play and they got 26 short its win Manuel is not like there -- I've got 36 and 39 yo so I think the guys in your own little. Rashard Lewis who no fault of his own -- in that loss to contract a few years ago. Not a bad guy when he was sitting on the pond and he knew when to be -- part is -- -- between two million. Comes off the books -- Blatche amnesty you know -- -- -- you can do it. Get him out of here he's been a sign of what's been going around here the lack of seriousness I call it knucklehead that's serious -- And so you more than that on for nor is his old deal made a lot of sense you see a lot of cavs basically sort of rebuild that whole situation. While like that part of popular dog days in the fifth event -- -- They've allowed him that that they'll sell off all you have not only Abreu in new people but the mind set up the management changes also. CSN Washington dot com.



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