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Capitals 1st round picks Forsberg, Wilson on joining the Capitals



CSN Washington dot com. Haven't picked tonight the capital -- up Forsberg. He is a dangerous offensive player from Sweden and -- know he's he models his game after the legendary. Peter Forsberg could -- also Sweden those -- are not related to -- Forsberg ranks in mini mock drafts in the top fives and this is a great pick up. For the cat. Not long after the cap strapped Thomas Wilson of the Plymouth whalers with the sixteenth overall pick he's scouting report says he's a rugged forwards. Who hits hard and plays rob Wilson is 64 and more physically developed the most players at his age -- back to Forsberg. He may be the steal of the draft on the caps number eleven. Sometimes that happens in the draft a good player falls because everybody sort of zone in on certain guys and people were going after defensemen unit in the fifth throughout the that a Logan Kensing. So we thought Buick we -- focused on mostly defensemen. And so we got there are some cheese. And they switch gears a little bit this guy's really good pluralistic. Well doesn't doesn't look at it and and is going man away at all costs yet it's like a dream coming true being rested and hopefully I can. -- make it -- -- some years and you know be. -- working hard to. It to be a part of -- of the capitals organization -- in the coming years. No I'm thrilled and I've been to Washington you're looking forward to experiencing great city and on the got a great pick and Forsberg so I'm really looking forward to going to -- and didn't know for the organization CSN Washington dot com.



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