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Jerry Sandusky found guilty of 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse



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Fri, 22 Jun 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Continuing coverage down the Jerry sandusky trial we have a ruling. Convicted on 45 counts of child sex abuse seventeen of those failed felonies scary. A maximum of twenty years each for taking out of bill -- Pennsylvania now Brian more of NBC news joins us now live in Bryant. He spent some time outside the courthouse with a ruling came down what was the reaction. By. It was electric -- that cheering from the crowd Joseph Amendola the defense attorney talked about how this case was like climbing Mount Everest. He also said that there are a lot of Americans tonight innocent people spending the night behind bars. The crowd booed him and what he said the -- -- and does he was gonna spend the rest of his days behind bars. This crowd. Many more people in the community then that throng of media that's been out here. -- -- This is been a very long the very painful case for this community and -- state prosecutor came here to speak out she said that. A serial child predator. Has been held accountable for his crimes tonight. Jerry sandusky convicted on 45 in the 48 counts against him. Really it was a very strong case put together by the defense and it must be pointed out that Jerry sandusky. Had a very competent defensive but we're talking about. Ten of victims over a period of more than fourteen years. Forty. Eight counts at the end of the day Jerry sandusky Chris convicted on 45. Bryant took only two days for jurors to deliberate to come up with their ruling are you surprised by the time. But not really it's always a wild card but I'll tell you something whereas they really zeroed in on a couple of the really most important. New -- areas in this case one of them was Mike -- where you might recall the former Penn State grad student. We said he caught -- dusty in the shower with a young boy. The jury wanted to compare and contrast his testimony with a family friend who said that mcqueary told him the story. But didn't talk about what he sought talk about what he hurt. There was another case this could be something that is a an area of appeal. Hearsay testimony that was introduced. Because the original witnessing. Has been mentally incapacitated. He walked out he started. Their -- say so called excited utterance in legal terms. He told his coworker what he'd just seen that coworker came -- testified about that but really. If you drew a line to all of these victims all of these cases all the counts. It was the same thing repeated over and over and over again it was uncomfortable was a month for a. It was there were free of charge after charge after charge and that defense that it was a conspiracy that these young men. Had a reason to speak out but that a financial interest. If there's going to be a big payday in civil court at the end of this but ultimately the jury decided otherwise Chris. Brian this is a night in which a ruling comes down Jerry sandusky but you really have to think about the kids tonight. Coming forward after all this emotional testimony. Brian what we appreciate your time joins us live from built upon Pennsylvania thing. CSN Washington dot com.

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