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Olaf Kolzig weighs in on hiring of Adam Oates



CSN Washington dot com. Joining us now over the phone as the associate goalie coach for the Washington Capitals and of course -- capitals legend only -- only thanks for being with -- What you know Adam oh it's certainly as a player you played alongside with him and you also known as a coach what does he bring to the table. Are probably don't see better than Jones and a lot of guys really played -- -- for three years so. You know what you. It was a very. But I can't spot he. A very Smart man. You know he's not only actually knows it's just a little thing -- -- may -- other people wouldn't pick up on yeah I'm a member and an -- I don't respect rumored guys I'm going ordered their blade and it adjusts and what lie in the length than and a curve understands that if you make better and handled better. Panel passes better be able to shot off quick but they're not just things like that that other guys didn't see that they're really separated. Eric from a lot of guys -- You know it was a great. To retirement so. You know not only you know I think people think about a -- straight there's always -- them -- an offensive player but. You know he was just as responsible -- the -- man he was always one of the first guys out there on the court you know. I'm always with great passion and I think he's going to be earlier -- later archer to coach out. One of the keys to being a head coach in DC is that relationship Alexander Ovechkin. -- was a captain when he played Alex Ovechkin of course is a captain how will that help him relate to one another. Well first caller thank you. You know look to get an -- of all I am. Not today and I think expect critical longer respect a long. Long way it would only again. The Bears. And they don't -- grade is what an -- I think make you know albeit corporate will be back there. Where he was a few years ago. You know -- can relate those iron skill players because that's what he wants. But it also got to preach accountability -- in an enrollment so. You know from what I heard I paparazzi briefly today -- you're you reached out -- -- you know coaching you know rich outdoor feel we've reached out -- her belt. -- it showed little dirty fighter about retiring. Obviously albeit cultured and you know medical chart -- about battle mode than normal he really got. Kovalchuk the player great two way games go. I think here. If you're gonna get more responsible and an exuberant out election coming in the disputed. We don't want to take anything away from dale hunter what he did for this team. But do you believe that OT style is a better fit for this capitals team. I want you're you're you don't you don't ever want -- -- or they'll honor because -- wait till coaches he -- blue collar guy people reason defense burst the dark part in the body and and accountability and it didn't. In a fire to what he'd hit them when you work our players didn't matter -- felt burger. Mike Knuble out about an hour ceremony. That's Blair wasn't yeah there are a lot of respect for they'll hear that. Every trip Saturday we're only one game away in order conference finals both find out ways -- Though. Really got everybody to buy and but what -- -- -- it very very go to break a nice balance of what what they'll featuring -- accountability in your own man. And that -- first -- first Boudreau is teaching what. On the offense artistry so. I think it's great hire him last. You're gonna have a little ball. And you're gonna utilize. But offensive weapons that you know that we have. CSN Washington dot com.



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