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Dave Johnson talks college football playoff with Pete Thamel of the New York Times



CSN Washington dot com. It took fourteen years at Portland which complaining. You did people just. Like in legal system for the change in Iraq at the presidents who ironically he'd -- rubber -- this today. Score in the way at this it was there it was their laps. In the last sort of -- sort of an amateur and that there were clinging to -- and I think finally with this last year in college sports where that over greed of realignment -- so transparent. Really couldn't sit there and look in the mirror and say our order and we're gonna not make this into play -- that would be to perfection. Sports have officially become professional. -- canal or four teams went at him like what would be a big debate about that I mean do you think this is a good plan how will they be able lip. Put forth miss good pick before teams that end up in the playoff. It's a good plan because it's different controversy people were tired of the same controversy there are still going to be controversy are going to be if if that difference. You know -- -- Greenberger. There's always the 65 team or whatever it's gonna be now in the last scene of an answer term military in to be burgeoning. And people complain for two were treated actors elections and the -- happened. The ball gets to come Thursday and then it past the apartment and nobody in my purse and they that would give the final four ball here or whatever article a chance. Is that there are two semifinal games that are going to try and now they're relentless criticism. Whether we should feel good for our industries here's ourselves and we have even more debate to work for Terrell Rivera coming in coming years -- bag so watch. CSN Washington dot com.



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