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Wed, 27 Jun 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Our golf now the AT&T national officially will tee it up on Thursday as Tiger Woods is looking to be. The host with the least while at his toward him in tiger's very focused on posting a low score. And taking. His title that's about the tiger's tournament at congressional country club and Kelly Johnson was Al all of course with tiger today for the pro am and hello Kelly and tell us if you could give an up close look at a lot of people like to follow Tiger Woods -- and mr. woods look with the swing today. All play for one thing brand beat the course here at congressional -- a lot tougher than it did last year for the US open and in talking to -- playing partners. All they is -- -- and pretty darn good right now you know it is one thing the plane a pro am events. Like the ADT national but it is another thing to play alongside Tiger Woods not only idea tiger watching your every swing. All in a -- funny your expense yeah we fed a tiger a little bit of a heckler. But you also have crowds of fans following you around the course that is what you call a high pressure dream round of golf. First comes the pleasantries surrounding the group photo on the first hole then it sinks it. You're about to tee it up with one of the greatest players in the history of golf. We're not rude welcome Tiger Woods. And always pressure -- -- -- -- that was great though I mean that's fine after awhile it's just golf eventually. It was awesome my game couple players out there and that's street to pupils that and he's a great guy a lot of fun to be with -- now he makes a bust chops a little bit. And just when it seems these amateurs might be able to hang with Tiger Woods. We're reminded why they're amateurs -- -- course everything came crashing back to earth on fourteen right. I don't remember what happened and -- -- -- -- to get away though and neither did I know waited again that was not a good drive the woman I was sort of latest thing. Yeah he made a comment you know the rules to frankly we -- side bets going there in the third in the round so we were having fun you know we're gonna close -- so the -- and everything else so it was great. Did you get any pointers it was a conversation like yeah I don't I should play tennis. As always a big part of this tournament is honoring the men and women of our armed services and this is going to be your -- staff sergeant and a network. So as part of the pro am each pro walks with an honorary caddie on the seventeenth hole was always told that tiger was very personal -- -- These cool is doing -- sailor -- and he's he's. Column today if it means a lot -- shows is that. While some of the wars may not be popular. Loses there's. I mean there's people that are backing us 110120%. And that. To see any Thomas he had just want my heart bigger than anything else. With a very cool moment there on seventeen with tiger and his staff -- course is spent twenty years in the army serving in Kosovo and Iraq and Afghanistan you probably noticed -- service dot atlas he helps them with post traumatic stress disorder. By the way Brent tiger's group did pretty well fourteen under par on the day they're tied for second right now behind the 2011. ADT champion. -- what is your they're sixteen under there are still some players on the course so. It's not official just it. I would imagine Tiger Woods is golf game probably help -- that's horrible -- is great to see tiger those pilings in. Have a good time out there today it looks like everybody really enjoyed being in his group. Absolutely this is a time really for him to relax tomorrow he gets down to business -- wells said thanks Kelly CSN Washington dot com.

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