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SportsTalk Live: Should Bryce Harper be in the HR Derby?



CSN Washington dot com. Well Bryce Harper should be at home run derby yes you should be good for baseball and they don't understand one that can do what he did it pictures teammate. But at a -- should be some foul pole so we get to. My charms are should be fun also we get to you promote this game -- you do -- young stars people love this kid he should be there. Well I think he's a bigger city to give up anything and are now I'm not a good example is not because he's. Because he's a young guys a rookie you know what is exactly because of that. My mother always so it was somebody divulge information about you -- did -- tell -- exactly read that he did some running it so Medicare would you go right now you all -- -- -- whereas -- Thomas did the Michael Jordan. And guess what frozen might talk about what they'd be the superstar Li threes you can do to bet he'll freeze you -- has been on the -- shot. Only hated man I am not a day. CSN Washington dot com.



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