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The Fight Fix: Local fighter Mike Easton's secret weapon for UFC 148



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Thu, 28 Jun 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Quite possibly being fight of the year. USC 148 is just ten days away and for one local fighter it will be a make or break opportunity in the act up octagon. Welcome to the fight -- I'm Jennifer Williams alongside. Luke Thomas -- inning fighting dot com and Mike Easton. DC native organ I see you hold and it down for the bantam weights. Mike you know we were supposed to see you at USC three on fuel TV how are you feeling and how have you been. Preparing for that by a from the -- than normal out of college you going to allow the training out of box and for them through good cant wait to fight so fans when bottle now you face I didn't mention bar what I hear our strength heading into this fight. Gaudio I believe McCarty who is unbelievable. He's when he's going to definitely see everything about my striking go to ground. And I'm just going keep the pace schools keep pushing the pace and that's one thing that he definitely as we're about and of course the problem. -- you know got askew. Looking at this fight white says some might -- did you did didn't dismantlement. Of our. I'm usually up with the pace on music Korea he's talking about the reality is this midget or the guys -- multiple weight classes is a veteran C a lot of looks like a different part of blunder from body types. But he can fold under pressure just a little bit although he does -- pretty well scrambles and wrestling has some decent striking himself so for Mike. It's controlling senators pushing the pace is giving him the back of goodness. Back along offense and execute that -- was I would guess. Are we just talked about strength are there may be some areas where mentioned bar has an advantage of free. Not so I don't know I don't I don't think -- -- all is is pretty even match up when it comes. The striking it and the ground. I know -- far down fast and indeed they -- while his experience he has he does have a lot of experience he's four. Great fight is great opponents and it's just there's definitely some that. I'm looking to -- and -- always be careful of because he is a very small -- and he's very well rounded. And it -- he just said Smart Luke would you say. You know it is that a fair assessment is there anything else that might should be aware of Mike has really good power I don't think Fred I don't think -- we showed in the UFC about I've seen in training before he's got big time power I think you view he has to make -- enjoy more feel it. He can get mentor to respect his power. And get him backing up I think that really be the key because that opens up the rest of Mike's offense if on the other hand. -- Jabar doesn't respect his power is what do -- my -- and I think he's been in my -- much closer fight but. Power and and getting it right off the bat not waiting that's accused Mike and sports. CSN Washington dot com.

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