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Tiger on Congressional win: 'I got a lot of golf left in me'



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Sun, 1 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Well Tiger Woods is to pursue it comes to play here congressional -- last two events. At the eighteenth to national he has taken the trophy integrate himself. And this year AT&T. National champions I think that's what had accidents and asked him to coach periods with Kelly Johnson. -- -- -- -- Everything had to battle north top of the -- the storms the competition how good does this mean. I -- fantastic kids it was a over the long weekend it was a tough week for the staff offended -- -- -- their tails off yesterday so hopefully. We only had to play eighteen holes today -- it -- been he's been really tough yeah. What does this taint of this ceremony came out yesterday and it worked and -- -- from the night. So that we were able to play and we got it yesterday and then you know today was as I said. On the green -- felt like there was just a lot of pent up energy and everyone would want it to us to come out screaming L yesterday but. There's a one out here. Some of the guys and Montenegro were funny this morning and other. Had a habit they were protecting caps but I have for him to make a putt and put their hand up it was pretty funny and there's no without them. You passed Jack Nicklaus and second most PGA tour wins was I mean you again. Plus it's I had a pretty good career not to do it and at 36 and of the telecasts I have a lot of years ahead of me -- the state one number of the years in my career so far and I thought I had a lot more -- Csnwashington.com.

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