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Did Tiger hit one of our anchors with a golf ball?



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Sun, 1 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. On twelve. You hit a wayward drive an ornament is now because you want. If -- found a bone -- the tree you you hit somebody. You know -- hit. The UN but it's. That he prepares that. And could story write ups I throw a poster can't take us out of me. Get me right here and it bounced over the little bushel of trees there would have maybe hit -- -- at that point who guess what what is the got so close to retrieve that you have and -- swing -- it and it it was because it hit him. We didn't have this when I was if you killing Greg hyped it up and over there but I still like him yeah you're right I. -- that again. What a shot that was by the way knowing that you're gonna render your. There and I had sixty. -- front hands. It was a nine iron that start up twenty yards right bunker and it looked at it but -- left right wind. I warned that people knows how to treat that. That club might snap because -- -- that much speed up front of the golf while running -- and being in the deal but I have to look at Zambrano on the throw was a pretty hard. Make him and but I I I -- that I could stop the clock and time or hit the tree doesn't make contact. But I had -- Texas hold them right. But -- the shot actually hit and I did slow down just a fraction and it hit the tree but it didn't men right. And having to say to the folks here and then the grounds crew here who got this thing done here over the we added unbelievable job this week. Saturday morning Friday nights -- Saturday morning was a tough night for. For everyone and the staff. The grounds crew. Everyone volunteers have lost their home cross field like yesterday and hats off everybody because it. Hill is questionable whether or not we can get it -- then it looks like how we gonna play 36 holes today. It was looking -- But that they've they've lost their home to visit PGA tour what they're hard working hard effort that the golf course was playable. To wanna say from spectators. With the trees being. Some were still falling over and saw hence we had no spectators but still they got the golf course level and -- and that's authored -- I promise you that next hero stage ways left of the trees might even close to getting whacked by an errant tee shot -- course -- -- except for the girl. Next time I will that's what Tiger Woods congratulations on the win and Aurilia could sit next to over you just towards chip and AT&T national. CSN Washington dot com.