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Mon, 2 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. Again Dave Johnson here with your -- sports at central dated a wild -- at a congressional you might say and did a familiar way. -- order is restored in the world of golf Tiger Woods captured recording twelve AT&T national. Second time he's won this tournament tiger's third PGA tour win this season and seven and fourth in his career move -- second all time. -- -- -- -- Everything had to battle north top of the -- the storms the competition how good does this. Ponson is fantastic kids it was a long weekend it was a tough week for the staff and defended it must start their tails off yesterday so we'll -- We only had to play eighteen holes today -- it could have been he's been really tough yeah. What does this team to the others they're on camera yesterday and worked and you know -- from the night. So that we were able to play and we got it yesterday and than -- today was as I said. On the green -- felt like there was just a lot of pent up energy and everyone would want it to us to come out screaming DL yesterday but. There's a one out here. Some of the guys and Montenegro were funny this morning and other. How to haven't they were were -- caps but I have for him to make a punt and put their hand up it was pretty funny him there's no without today. He passed Jack Nicklaus and second most PGA tour wins it was I mean you again. Plus it's have had a pretty good career not to do it and at 36 and I'm -- telecasts I have a lot of years ahead of me outside the state one number of the years in my career so far and I thought I had a lot more adamant. Why -- persevere win the Brewers tiger once -- both of thomas' 74 career victory moves or past Jack Nicklaus on the all time list fell behind Sam Snead. Would say in second place thrills me by just eight victories. And metal door for him at Comcast sports that thirty years I've Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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