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Michael Jenkins recaps the weekend at Congressional with John Feinstein



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Mon, 2 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Let's continue talking golf now with bestselling author John Feinstein John good to see it could you see Michael tiger wins for the second time at the AT&T national. I personally get tired of hearing is tiger back is tiger back he's always going to be a very good golfer right but tiger being back to me means dominating at major championships what does it mean to you what he's never going to be. The dominant player he was between 19992001. When he won seven majors out of eleven I don't think anybody is ever going to do that again. But Kenny win majors again yeah obviously. I mean he's playing well enough he's playing as well as anybody in the world right now he's won three of his last seven tournaments. But until he does it as at a major he's not back where he wants to because remember. He said this bar he said my goal is to break -- record eighteen majors not you not me that the media and we keeps blaming for all those problems. He said this part so. It's not even at that discussion point. Until he wins another major championship. After this when tiger went for -- to one favorite to a 51 favorite at the British Open not that I would ever better wondered anything like that but what does this mean for his chances. -- ain't nothing. Honestly nothing he can think about this in 2009. He won all four tournaments he played before -- each major championship won none of them. This year he won bay hill went to the masters is a favorite didn't win one memorial went to the US open is a favorite to win didn't come close to either one. So it really doesn't mean anything except that he is playing good golf. But the question remains exactly the same. Can he play that kind of golf in the crucible at a major championship well enough to win he is not done that since 2000. It was such a bizarre weekend surreal weekend at congressional in a cross his entire region with the storms in the power outages. Have you ever seen anything like this with no gallery. During the third round and that the people like congressional were able to clean things up in Tampa -- for you and you know there's never been anything like this at a golf tournament mean you know maybe. And it at a soccer game in South America when writing breaks out and clear the stadium. Or when there would there have been measles outbreaks you know where they say nobody can Ottawa high school basketball game. But never anything I haven't seen anything like this and -- on watching a war movie. What's been going on around here in the last few days and the PGA tour made a decision on Saturday it was more important have a television show. -- have spectators. They -- just called the round off on Saturday I'm sure the players -- objected to a day off given the heat. And said we're gonna play Sunday and we'll finish up Monday. Obviously they wouldn't had a full crowd but -- would had more people there Monday that they had Saturday when they had no people but it was important and then to get the TV show on the air. And that's why -- decided do what they do it. That's bestselling author John Feinstein John thanks so much pleasure Michael. CSN Washington dot com.

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