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SportsTalk Live: Bryce or Chipper for All-Star game?



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Mon, 2 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. It's a Cubs against burying a chipper if there's a I think I'll -- really those are injured his last year so. It doesn't make -- that I gonna vote for chip. And Bryce Harper right there SA and Chipper Jones should go before him on one thing else ever does this -- has to be committed. He gets it. He understands what's going on. And he's not just got to play his game he's a student of the game until about them senate Chipper Jones should go there you know I think he's -- he means it. He's not just drawing it out there and blowing smoke. He really means that's the most are actually true or false Bryce Harper should be born into it also again. -- -- -- About -- whichever I think his body of work. He is definitely worthy of him I wanna see him one more time head rice not fallen down the fallen back -- bit the past couple weeks. I was on his bandwagon had to believe he will be. Among the elite play that I listen to rely on what else is at fault because I listened to blast off and I didn't really believe me I wouldn't say. A lot of them could have athletes out there that will go on -- -- -- and not -- me I believe he understands this is Chipper Jones last go round. And I think right off right off we're. A lot like myself has enough belief in him. But he knows he'll have a chance to go back and you don't go out any chance to go back and you look at the comparison of those guys right here. He may be right that would ever remember Chipper Jones could do this a long time. And his work is his -- at the last but everything else he's doing a lot better I think Bryce Harper is right. Since Finley got -- for the hall of. Same let it go outside you look auriemma -- his balls that aren't. Q what's it every stadium he gave himself -- -- -- rocketed a little while but they've derive your it would people like that Al -- to give -- respect we wouldn't and then it's a result he was a great player you that was the very it was even -- isn't he would be promoted the game in the proper manner in the last of the things that we did all the respect that he respected the game. But -- B Mitch will we gave him a -- -- Roddy. You know as he went out you and your party ship Alou did not -- and I never -- The big. -- yeah. About an -- that's my -- It csnwashington.com.

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