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Nats humbled by All-Star selection



CSN Washington dot com. Josh Beckett told me listen. There have been here before and I said no it was my first time he goes so here -- lost arrest we all sat and watched the whole home run derby enjoy it embrace it because it only happens once a some. And some people can't talk about this concern there is smoke. When you get a chance to see here and exit two stars and enjoy it I think did after that we'll we'll get ready we'll put our minds were -- to be -- for now let's just. Take it one step at a time and just enjoy the moment. And for Stephen Strasburg making the all star game for the first time is the culmination of a lot of hard work just 22 months removed from Tommy John surgery. To do this I mean. I think something I never really expected. And you know it's at the same time it's not I'm not necessarily. Satisfied so it's. To cools cools things it's going to be fun to be in Kansas City this year but I the same time you know -- opponents keep going strong. Also first time all star Ian Desmond he's grown a lot since being drafted in 2004. And the fact that Tony La Russa who ranks third in wins in Major League history with select him means even more. He's someone I've looked up to me you know privacy and a tremendous Taylor hall of fame manager dares -- had some of the best players in the game. And you know for him just like me it's you know it's definitely humble and. CSN Washington dot com.



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