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MMA analyst Jon Anik breaks down UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen II



  1. Jon Jones1:35, 1:56, 2:26
  2. Anderson Silva1:50, 3:16
  3. Ted Williams0:03
  4. Becky Anderson0:45
  5. John Jones2:56
  6. Rashad Evans4:04
  7. Henderson1:51, 2:23, 2:35
  8. rib injury3:18
  9. tough fight0:14
Sat, 7 Jul 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Everybody on Ted Williams and not let that guy and -- I and I got to be -- I -- we want to create meet him and call me an event. What do you think we're using it on and -- You know it's a tough fight to predict I think a lot of people look at the first like the way that one went down to the fact it -- thought I was able to dominate and perform a half rounds and of course. He succumbed to the late submission there. You know I think this fight could go similarly I didn't think stylistically it's not a great match up -- Anderson -- I can't give an actual prediction what -- I think we're gonna get this thing. Finish well I don't lose my job but I will say I think we're gonna get a finish on one side or the other I don't think it's gonna go the full 25 minutes. You could tell something is really good control distance the way he did in the -- -- Becky Anderson gassing it and taken down and get in his face early and take the shadow of the octagon and make sure that. He dictate the pace of the fight granderson though obviously he's as motivated as he's ever been I think he's almost viewing this as a loss he needs to have bands out. It's going to be the fight of the year it's very exciting and it's good to see you here soon as well. Besides you think this might be able to get that W it kind of put the nail on the hot and there is no more. Kind of wondering what it like -- this thing is that you know rivalry. Yeah and I think Anderson's -- will go down the greatest of all time regardless of the outcome here on Saturday night I think if you have your resume speaks for itself and not. You know this would be an appreciable setback but I still think you know pound for pound all time he's still my number one guy and will remain so regardless of what happened. It's the greatest of all time great evening where it's not done well. Jon Jones certainly could be eventually but I think he's. Five or seven years away from that I think you would have to string together a whole lot more wins -- title but that's this to be I think even mentioned in that. Yeah all time class you know I think right now when you're talking about the greatest of all time. It's Anderson Silva Dan Henderson given some of the accomplishments might be in that discussion debate or million adult mom. But Jon Jones has some work to do not they can't get it done but he's got some work to do. You mentioned young up and down. And I get everything that -- you know despite selling its shot and you. My putter and I wouldn't want to try to get and that's fine and yeah you can -- the news and now. I will thank you I would say I think for John John this will be his toughest test to date it did decidedly different challenge then. He's ever had in the past standout I think we're Henderson just got to get that right handle that left him I guess on Jon Jones is -- early. And make Jon Jones uncomfortable no one has been able to do that and I think and anybody can do it and anybody that's the power to do it it's Dan Henderson. More when you see it's going to be more hype than Avant just. It's a good question you know I thought Evans Jones was sort of the pinnacle and then here we are with Joba starting -- -- -- -- so I think it'll be hard. First and go to Jones to have that type of -- just because of the friction between were shot and Jon Jones but. Henderson is a consummate fan favorite John Jones had a lot of haters so I think that's gonna get -- by subtraction and and just make her great showcase in September. Humor by the time values and I'm glad we've seen a different outlook coming into this night is usually more reserved -- thing. That signing has been able to get into that had a little bit. You know I think the last flight was what got an Anderson Silva had regardless of whether or not there was a rib injury I think what really. Got an Anderson's that was the fact he had never been dominated by anyone before him for one round let alone for so I think that was a wake up call granderson -- -- I think he's mentally tough enough to not be fazed by -- and that I do think eventually. He just got upset at not to sound off but I really don't think that. -- think god this can be mentally thrown out of this game I guess we'll see here not in short order. Only time will tell and you sent. We we haven't seen him mouth off then one thing we did here is what he then it's on its ear after that the club press conference on Tuesday do you have any hands. I just think he said it's common man and and whatever he did in the a couple of years ago it's coming back in ten times over so hot. You know I can't remember being as excited for UFC vitamins -- Rashad Evans. And Jon Jones in April and then I had never been as jacked up for UFC fight top before that -- but this is the top pilots and I can't wait for Saturday night. Csnwashington.com.

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