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Coach Lloyd Irvin breaks down Mike Easton's win



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Sun, 8 Jul 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Everybody I'm Ken Williams for Comcast sports net I'm here with Lloyd Irvin. Who might east and who won by unanimous decision tonight at UFC 140 train that -- him. -- what was the -- to it Houston's victory tonight. Q Victor was putting pressure -- the game plan was put pressure on using boxing and using him movements -- in fact it's less you know how the game plan perfectly it. How would you say he's been preparing for this -- anything different to kind of bring his team up to net the next level. We borrowed a bunch of guys that from -- -- academy and Miami and he's trying to partisans to mimic what I've in the Angelos doing. And we -- any chance of practices specifically working on these combinations pressure -- picks and just practice and game plan. Every single day of training camp. You said inside like -- There was also the flying knee was their age you know maybe one moment are 11 move where you said yourself OK this kid's got this -- I thought you know halfway to second round might have a fight. -- we a lot of things Arsenal jumping these spending and he's just been overly emotional night. -- lots of -- he's capable of doing that he still get back on the path goes in the Houston twelve months it. Came out came into use the over two and a half almost two and heavier lay off. So I think -- those still growing and he's a mutual more more. Now on you were able to watch this -- in obviously you know your critiquing him. Going back into -- Emery is there one or two things where you're like OK we can type in these things up. The biggest thing that I like he'd he'd have followed the lowly together -- on the -- to -- -- who -- away a lot. But I just have -- time they could do leg kick. My guess punch him on his leg kick so many college game plan perfectly there was Bulls to look at them and as I haven't run or no way that much. Usually come out things. Like that I -- kept his job to pressure. Unanimous decision where you may be surprised at how dominant he was tonight vs mentioned are. Most definitely I'm Ivan we have asked our performances mean can't we we we let him brought together ever pay them to have some day if you were to be that dedicated. I've -- into ours. Will leave the ground and how strong is -- like that if things don't be that dominant performance but might get it and -- came in as did his job. So next step. Shot at a title fight. You know Michelle Wie says services that tiles come and we're ready. Look forward to it to them if they interim belt back and give back to our team our camp and then on. Some of your I mean sorry -- -- -- can have their fun. CSN Washington dot com.