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CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. They get a day jobs where their regular sports at central update that we take a break for all that all star -- -- for some hockey. -- the capitals who had coached Adam -- is watching over the summer development camp -- -- -- lifelike. Now all the players on the -- to ruin most of the rookie players of the capital selected in last month's NHL draft it's also a chance roads become more comfortable. As he starts to implement his new system. I announced all the focus is on the young guys and their chance to make an impression on the capitals brass. Was a lot of fun. Little butterflies this morning that. Once we get into is. You know to several times with a little video game this morning and we just sort of look at ourselves -- Just to get my touch of an inning. They're here they're little mirrors similar to a big god there's a lot of scrimmage is so we don't wanna overwhelm homeless too much to some stuff right now. We just personal but that. Moss thirty did very very tough because everybody just a six iron just myself and didn't connect and everybody but you know I'm although I'm around. Well one of those current players love B Jeff Albert course that I -- free agency continues ends divided Jeff Halpern. After a year back but the capitals helper who signed a one year deal the Rangers. And make -- factor nobody see a lot of his former teammates in the faceoff circle next. Battled door for him at Comcast sports have serious I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington back now. CSN Washington dot com.



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