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Kevin Payne on DCU's new ownership partners



CSN Washington dot com. -- know you're proud of rfk stadium's history with respect to DC united. Traveling around the country seemed more modern venues. Has it been frustrating to you as team president that. You have been able to move into such a facility the I mean it has but and I I don't. I really don't waste a lot of time thinking about that. You know there's times where I I say boy you know. That should have been us. But. You know I think that I think things tend to happen for purpose and I think that. We may end up having. We may end up getting the best stadium in some ways of the best stadium deal best partnership. And anybody. By having waited this period of time has it been agonizing. Sure I mean do I wish it'd been done in 200420052006. Yeah in my life would have been a lot easier. I might not have heart surgery five years ago had that happen but. Well we we're patient than we think about this team in terms of 20304050. Years so we want the right deal we wanna be in the right location. And I think that that's where we'll end up. CSN Washington dot com.


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