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Chris Hanburger and Dermontti Dawson on NFL concussions



CSN Washington dot com. A lot of conversation about the NFL right now has been this concussion issue you played at a time where. Troubled third on and keep going out there are brutal war was that like did you ever experience you know you -- getting wrong as what guys are used to call it. Well I remember getting helped off the field one time one of my own players kicked me in the back of the head. Carl and to my knowledge that only time that I ever had anything like that happened but you know back then you go to the bench and the doctor come over and pulled up two fingers and say how many and if you said one he said that's close enough he did in fact you land. But I hope that they can. Get at all under control it's a very serious matter. We know we put ourselves at risk we you know and I think roofers came into league nobody really tells you what the extent of concussions. How long term exposure. But you know be in such a violent Kaman -- high speed collisions. We know that we're gonna suffer the most but there's an NC head thing that I think really if you -- -- understands that as a player. You know DO DO sand you can't make the athletics. So when you get to go running you know that you you potentially suffered maybe amount confession. You know I'm telling about because your job is at -- risk. You live in San Diego obviously Junior Seau just recently passed away what was your reaction around San Diego with that -- well. You know Taylor -- I've never seen. An individual. Player and -- so who it's much has changed and the united junior and -- -- headlights form with them and you know we've played golf the morning before and then what about. When when everybody's his good friend juniors that caught him that morning and I asked him sitting there and play golf with us. But. You know it is ahead and hit sand because she was such an icon to so many people CSN Washington dot com.



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