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Kobe Bryant determined to win gold, but is it a 'dream team'?



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Sat, 14 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. The Kobe Bryant certainly has not been shy with his thoughts on teen USA is confidence. And at the current squad will may have -- some of the original dream team that Bryant he appears determined to leave but gold once again. They line of Comcast sports net Philadelphia talk with the Lakers superstar and team USA begins to sharpen their focus on winning gold not. Because Graham and this is some beautiful experience and is so way to to serve our country knows what we do best. And known -- were surrounded by our nation's fine so so it's a huge honor to say the least. Think that it never gets like when you're the man and you still get kind of like this -- -- -- sponsor -- you know because there's so much significance as an -- carries with him. -- foam. Different this reason -- live in different different cultures prayers every dog Kerry with Bruce. You know represent our country it's it's an emotional experience. There's some countries that winning the world championships it's like the thing for them and yet United States like thin when Olympic gold. Seems to be the most important. What we like to win mall you know that in our our our young fellows went out there insert your position your well -- -- -- gold medal. And every competition that we don't know. We have the USA or incest you have the -- didn't. -- best job because you can't. CSN Washington dot com.

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