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Sun, 15 Jul 2012|


She is in Washington dot com. Team USA -- operate here in DC where they will take on Brazil at Verizon Center tomorrow night. -- fun night had by all Brazil has a team loaded with NBA talent led by it was a big man NA. Locally the DMV well represented with Baltimore's Carmelo Anthony. Meanwhile Su Lin Maryland's own Kevin Durant returned to the black top of Berry farms -- Friday night not to play. But to support those who continue to follow and support him as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder the reigning three time NBA scoring champ says coming home. Is a no brainer. They're partners of this on his fastball isn't. I was like been around and they soon -- and for the home down there this is let me be me so. Is always -- to go down in moon and play and just also watched him. Stone he -- let people know that -- support limited. And I really appreciate what they've done for me as far as for me it always root for. We'll check this out that's national player of the year Anthony Davis all along talking to just one single reported today yeah. The fact there's more on our staff that's 'cause a change for the recent number one overall pick in the NBA draft now from the center of attention. Guiding Kentucky to a national championship now to a seldom used rookie. Learning the ropes. Davis told me he's taking it all in stride and now. Speaking to but the transition of being a guy Kentucky were all the attention listen and around you. And there's really two reporters right you're talking B what's that -- at this of the month. Came Mobley got -- and my own. He knows literally -- -- -- started out a little -- and anxious to get much attention you know. Under them and nobody is no no reason guys who make the team are mixing guarded on its not the world. Funny moment -- -- literally by himself. I'm treason -- been used to that considering he was at Kentucky. How much you guys coming helping them along the way. Problem a lot of unknowns in young players you know we're -- tons of talent noon. You know Perez's teammates is the greatest American ever have its own little -- team playing his best players in the world every -- breakfast. Once he gets to trade him for his own team -- where where. CSN Washington dot com.

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